Floraplex Terpene Diluent Free Samples for Future4200 members!



Awesome received my shipping confirmation w/tracking within hours of placing my order.


The Floraplex site states that a terpene is…“At their most basic form, terpenes are organic compounds with strong odors and tastes that are derived from isoprene–another organic compound”.

Given the Floraplex Terpene Diluent being offered has no order or taste, how can it be a terpene?


Sweet! We try to get them out fast.


Hey @CATScientific, thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the great content and info you provide at this site. :man_scientist:

Four points that I hope answers your question:

  1. The website wasn’t written by scientists.
  2. That sentence doesn’t qualify all terpenes, even though I would agree it seems to imply all terpenes. It could have been written better.
  3. Our product is flavorless and odorless when used following the directions. If someone was to vape pure diluent there is a slight taste. When smelling the bottle of diluent is there no odor.
  4. The term “terpene” as we’re using it, and as is commonly used in this industry is a catch-all. The term terpene commonly refers to oxygenated terpenes (terpenoids), mono, sesqui, di terpenes and terpenoids, etc. There are odorless and (nearly) flavorless terpenes found throughout nature.


Do I need to get u address sent…don’t know if I ever heard back


Hi Stone!

Nope, we have your address. We’ll get you taken care of today! :slight_smile:


Just a quick note:

Due the very cold weather in the northern US recently, if our Terpene Diluent is cold when it’s received in the mail please let it warm up to room temperature and shake/mix well before use.


@FloraplexTerpenes What’s the final day on this offer? Thank you


January 31st. Hope that’s enough time for you @Rusty_Shackleford ! :slight_smile: :alarm_clock:


Hello everyone!

Due to the many recent requests we have received in the past week for a thick (high viscosity) diluent we are currently carrying out R&D :woman_scientist: for such a product!

This high viscosity diluent will also be usable as a thickener :man_dancing:

Stay tuned! :tv:


if they’re planning on storing sensitive information (like your name, address, and credit card number), then their webmaster has the right of it.

letting folks sign in with “dab710” as a password would be irresponsible. imo.


Has anyone received there diluent yet? Have you received any consumer or processor feedback? If so were can I find those very interested @FloraplexTerpenes


Hi Tokahontis!

We just started sending out the Terpene Diluent about 10 days ago. We should start to get feedback soon from Future4200 members who try it.

One large customer (processor) was impressed that they found our diluent to be the smoothest they have yet tried. Another large customer (processor) was stoked that he could easily dissolve CBD isolate and the lack of flavor and aroma when mixed into a cart.


@FloraplexTerpenes Did you guys make any third party emission tests related to Diacetyl/Formaldehyd ect.?


Need more info on that!


How do I try a sample of this? Do I need to order a profile to receive the diluent sample ?


I received my free sample of the diluent. Thank you, Floraplex!
I’m new to making carts and was using disty but my friend wasn’t able to get me that and I had to settle for shatter. I tried using the shatter and just terps but it sugared up so I threw that away. I tried a very tiny bit of Wax Liquidizer with the shatter and terps and the coil leaks black a little.

I do not know if this shatter is winterized or not, would it be a waste to try this product with this shatter? Thank you.


I just placed an order with the coupon code, but after I checked out the coupon code was not applied and I ended up paying full price and not getting my free bottle of diluent. Ended up paying $150 more than I was supposed to. :rage:


Is your diluent the same as true terpenes or is it something different? Only reason I’m asking is because I’ve had great success with the true terpenes stuff, it’s just expensive! Also, how do we put in a good life gang order? Just email you? Love your terpenes btw!


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