Fixing chilers


I have 2 lneya -45c. 15l chilers that donr work, is rhere anyone who knows what i could plug the usb port into to see if it can tell me. Thw company has jot been very helpful even to provide a manual. Also has 3 of rbere chiller/heaters break with less than 1hr id time on them


Do they need to be reset? Is there an alarm condition they are displaying?


Ive been trying for weeks just to get a manual, im not the best with electronics and tbey twnd to just trip them self. Im gonna dedicate the day to tey and try to fix the problem. Tbey have a self diagnose function so we will see, mast rime i teied all it would do is heat up. The easily have kess than 2 hrs run time in them . Rhwy werent cheap and are taming uo valuabke room if i can get then to work. I was rhinking if just adding water just to see if i can get rhem to cool instead of just heating up.


I found this on their website, your definatly running up against some sort of thermal protection setting that the chiller uses so it won’t damage the device connected to it.It is most likely some setting you need to change.I Just sent them an email, lets see if we cant get to the bottom of this.


Thankyou, i was up ro 4am sending e mails. Ack and forth wit them. They would work some times then just trip so your probably right. I just want a manual as step 1


Ithey were running some form of terpene blend, smells like d-limo nene do you think i could just run water just to see if i can get it to start cooling instead of heating up. Im about to order some more z20l roto and would love to use these things that are just taking up space


All depending on the material the pumps bearings are made from .


The company recommended glycol, or ag least one of the people who replied to my email did. But my friend i got them from said has was told to use a terpene its a duratherm product and smells just like oranges, not sure how much is left in the 5 gallon bucket. Thank you for all your help, hopefully the company is half as helpful


Hey, I think I tracked down the manual you need.
Just took a few emails to the factory. :grin:
HR-series manual.pdf (1.2 MB)


Thank you for all tour help and effort, i was up til 3am emailing back and forth with them and everything molly told me to do didnt work. The previous owner or wboever had a user password that is blocking everything i try to do. So i am down to tey anything other wise there getting thrown away


Ya that’s different tban the one they sent me, there was no section on if the password js lost or how to reset it. I tried to find out from the previous owner and tbey didn’t remember or know what they were.


Im sure there is a backdoor somewhere for just that reason.


Im just computwr illlerate pretty much, and there broken english and i dont think they fully understood what i was saying or asking. Thank you again for helping me and contacting them that is anove and beyond what almost anyone would do. Thank you ill let you know if i ever get them to work or not.


Ill do some more looking!


Ok so this is how you reset your password.

From admin you will need to delete the old user account and make a new one.

The manuafature says they dont reccomend water as a heat transfer fluid.


I was able to delete user 2/3 last night but not user1 but still needed a password. Im waitinf for an email i sent last night, she asked ne to let it run for over 5 mins and take picrures of the gauges and tbe insides. There is a module that has 2 lights 1 for heating 1 for cooling and the cooling one wasnt on. I tried everything in the first manual you sent to get past the user1 setting which is what’s locking me out( jm assuming) and everytine jt nust said i was authorizesd to do this.


@Soxhlet you’re offering RTFM as a service?

That might just be a viable business model…

I always considered it a lifestyle choice :wink:


What does RTFM mean. Not up on the acronyms


Pretty sure that admonition came out of the scary devil monastary (anagram for alt.sysadim.recovery) long before LMGTFY…

Something about Reading That Fine Manual…

With the preponderance of engrish manuals, rtfm by an expert might actually fly.


I always did love to read! lotsa books like this tho!

An interesting phenomenon can be observed in this pic, the grey bar in the photo is a result of the pic being takin as the phones battery went dead. This is literally the last thing it saw before blankout!