Fixing chilers


I wonder if that behaviour is specified in a manual somewhere?

Specific to the ccd? The os on the phone?

@Concentrated_humbold after reading the excerpts @Soxhlet posted (a couple of times) I need you to know that I’m even more convinced that a for hire manual decipherer is a viable business model.

You have every right to be confused by that shit!


Here is a forum disscussing a similar thing.


Makes sense from a security stand point to “zero” the ccd before grabbing the new image.


Ya they have been a oain in rhe ass rmri say the least m, not to mention they weigh 400lbs and rake upba lot if vakuabke room. But @soxhlet has gone above and beyond to try to help me. Still waiting gor the repkt from china about the last set if instructions rhey said to do. So im sure my ohone will start ringing at 1am like usual when dewlinf with china


Thats the hard thing about doing buisness with the other side of the world. Gotta get them late night calls in. Emails are a good stratagy too, you just need to ask a clear list of questions.


They got back to me agter i ran it for ober ten mins and took pics, she said there techs rhink that all the coolant leaked out and recommended recharging it witha combination of stuff id have to check the email


Contacting a hvac person i can teust now is gonna be the next hurdle and then hopefully it works. But ive ralked to a few other people who have had there chillers from lneya all break very quickly, so dont buy one from them. For all this hassle and if it doesnt work i still need a new chiller any suggestions of quality. I dont need huber or jubaloo or anything that expensive


How cold do you need? how much cooling power do you require?


Nothing crazy, just something to maintain a 20l roto and if it can maintain-40 or below small scale etho extraction. Im just trying to see if these can be fixed before i have to pay to dispose of them and then spend several thiusand on o appropriately sized chiller.


How maney gal of etoh would you be cooling?
Get a hydroponics chiller for the rotos and all the stuff that just needs basic cooling. I use a chill king with a 15 gal res and a little giant pump to do the lifting. You might get away with getting dewars of ln2 for the etoh extraction,doing both options isn’t too expensive and gets you dedicated equipment. The less you have to tear down and set up your equipment the less work you need to do, Its also a great time saver and allows you to do multiple things at once.


I have hydro chillers hooked to all my wayer aspirator pumps, etho extracting would just be cause i already have reactors and such but not my main focus at all. I do alot of toll and its all bho crude, and i have a large crude machine if i ever need to use it. I dont do very large scale at all, just a couple 5L spd’s