First try Ethanol Fresh Material

What do you guys think? I think it is a little green.
It is my first try ever to do an extraction with cold ethanol.

  • 45g of fresh dry ice frozzen material. More inclined to a high end mat.
  • 850ml of -40c Ethanol


  • #1 Filter
  • Buchner Funnel
  • Vacuum Leybold D10E
  • Cold trap

The material wasn’t pulverized, it was a test with hand broken mats.
Left all to cool, mixed the Etho with the frozen material .
30min Wash.
Shaked the jar every 5min.
Strained and ran it 1 time in the buchner funnel.
Put a little dry ice in the mix so it is stays cold, trough out the filtering.
It took like 10-15min for everything to pass.

After the pass I got around 680ml of solution.

Time for my first destillation ever!!


If you want to avoid picking up any green you need colder or faster.

-40C is fine, but pulls green if you’re not quick about it. -80C won’t pull green even if you take hours to get it filtered.


Thx, the lowest I can get with my current setup is -40c :confused:
Doing it inside a cooler but can’t seem to get lower

It doesn’t look super green to me, but color doesn’t always translate well in pictures.

How were you measuring your temps?

How did you cool to -40? Dry ice in acetone or isopropanol or ethanol should give you about -78C.

If you distil to recover your ethanol, you will decarboxylate and darken your product. Unless you do it under reduced pressure (partial vacuum).

You could make shatter with that if you evaporate the solvent off without going above rm temp.

When you say “fresh”, do you mean “just harvested” aka “uncured”?

That’s a tough place to start for a first ethanol extraction imo.


Yes, cut and placed in dry ice.

Going to do a test with dry material.

I have a laser thermometer.

Dry ice with Ethanol, yeah the ethanol goes to -78c , the material is the one that stays around -40c

I plan on using vacuum, got a distilation extention for the SP set. No budget for a roto yet.

The buchner funnel is so slow.

Buchner being Used

I really need to fix that.

thx a lot for the info btw

Would you elaborate on some of the differences/ difficulties when working with a fresh harvested/ not cured material? I was thinking of harvesting and throwing into a freezer capable of -80 c and then adding ethanol that is around -80 c.

Yield per plant is similar (assuming you froze it right), but number of extractions per plant is at least 4x because of all that water.

Freezing wet cells will break cell walls and release cellular contents (you don’t want them)…if that thaws before or during extraction you’re in for a green mess.

Makes sense for hydrocarbon extraction for THC, makes less sense for ethanol extraction for CBD.

Edit: although I’d take a live heady hemp sauce using either solvent


It looks really good for being fresh and only at -40. Check out the filtration in the Tek I posted a while back. It will clean that right up. There are some tips on getting the ethanol super cold why dry ice as well.

Keep up the great work!

TheLostbiologist Bucket Tek


My tweaked version of your ( @TheLostBiologist tek). Zero winterization step, di cold, filtered warm only theu celite 545 and buchner funnel. Liquid gold!
12 wonderful gallons to rotovap,
then spd.