First time running a short path distillation setup. Comments and Suggestions Please!



color looks good, whats your head thermometer temp?


160-165c. It just keeps around that number. Up and down up and down.


Congratulations! Looks great.

Keep an eye out for the color change to tails, it creeps up on you if your not paying attention.

I was a little late turning the cow on my first run.


Sounds like your vacuum is in check, make your tails cut when you get around 180*-190*.
The up and down part has me thinking that the mantle is kinda surging.


damn i just saw this post!! fuck yea man!!! i look forward to following along with ya! remember, my first try ended in failure too… i came back strong tho… congrats!


That’s probably the case. This mantle was only $80 on eBay. It came dented and the seller took 40% off. So it’s like $55 mantle. Lol. :man_facepalming:t3:


That’s my kind of mantle. Maybe a 10 dollar pid will get that thing in check?


Hey no need to facepalm, you got a good deal!:love_you_gesture:


I’m thinking my condenser is the problem. So this is what I’m noticing.

I have my mantle set to 220. My head temp will rise fast to 160c. About a 1-3 ml will fill the short path head. Clogging the spout. Then my head temp will drop drastically. My head will pass the clog. I get a violent reaction in the flask because the mantle is spiking. Then it will start rising. My condenser started at 50c. Then I raised to 60c. Now I’m at 70c.

About an hour in I noticed my gl fitting are leaking. This was still at 50c. 1 appears to be cracked. I bought 10 extra. So I’ll change those out sooner than later.


Nice share!!

Blue Monster PTFE Thread Tape, thicker and denser, and comes in 1/2", 3/4", 1", & 2" versions, they now have smaller rolls available.

I’ll just post the link to the thread about controllers with both power regulation and temperature control, rather than going into it here. Even with the best PID controller the temp will bounce up and down if the wattage isn’t dialed in to adjust the boiling rate.


Still going at it. The problems with the clogging are cause definite time issues.

I rotated to the last flask when I thought I saw red. I personally don’t care. This is all for head stash. I’ll figure out the 2nd pass too

Here’s where I’m at right now.


Looks great man!! Keep it up. The color looks great for 1st pass. I was about to post about where are ya at. I thought it was either nap time, or things were running smooth.


If You have a heat gun You can heat up the glass there Where iT is clogged and get iT running

Tricks of the trade

Geez. I’ve been staring at my heat gun with temptation. Thanks rogue.


Oh my fucking god. Thank you rogue. That should be pro tip of the day. When you head starts to clog. Break out the heat gun. That cost me some hours.


If You have a large clamp clamp the gun to the stand in position and easy with the heat
Those guns can heat up to 600C


yep, get that condenser up to 80*c


heres an old ass pic I have, a heatlamp in a desklamp is nice to keep everything flowing, you can even run the bulb on a dimmer switch to lessen the intensity. Get the 150w bulb, the 250 is too bright!:sunglasses:
Pro tip make a tin foil heat sheild. that goes around the back of the cow to reflect the light back so the gl connection wont melt.

Tricks of the trade

Yeah I’m just about done. This 2 year old material is soo much cbn. It’s like half of the shit looks to be that. All if it’s just flowing nicely after rogue tip. I’m just about wrapped up.


Are y’all really gonna make me keep adding all these bad ass tips!!!

I have OCDabcidlsigjdkexksi!!! Dag burnit Keep em flowing!!!