First time running a short path distillation setup. Comments and Suggestions Please!



You da man! I was wondering but that makes a ton of sense!


Are you using distillate on the outside of the Teflon tape like you described when using the sleeves?

Hoping by using your method on my 2nd run I’ll be able to get under 200 microns. It looks like my main leak is on the connection on the 2l rbf to the condenser.


Just made a little hack al la @Beaker. Yesterday what was really bothering me is the amount of smoke my pump was making despite the mist filter on the pump.

I’m literally in the process of moving houses and my old garden house has practically been welded on the spigot. So I cut it off. Plumbed some of it outside. Electrical tapes it to the mist filter and it works. While it isn’t air tight. Most of the smoke bellows outside now this is going to make this much more livingable.


Well that was fast. Epic failure already. I don’t think I decarbed good enough. I pull vacuum on my system cold and a good amount of oil came threw my head into my receiving flask. My cow is all gunked up. I’m thinking I need to shut down and start over.


Sorry. Not giving up so fast. So I created a purpose vac leak with my vent. Everything looks cleared out. We are going forward. I’ll shut the vent went everything looks stable.


I think I’m definitely gonna have to shut it down and start over. Noticed the other receiving flasks are getting fluid in them as well. Chalk this up to inexperience.


clean up reset and start again bro. ill be learing here in the next few mos as well. first i want that behemoth Buchner setup made! ha


So this is where I’m at. I got to 140c under almost full vacuum. I didnt have my vent all the way closer because the oil was still pretty violent.

Even with the vacuum vent open somewhat. I was still getting down to around 200 micron.

So I’m shutting it down. I’m gonna clean everything out. And restart. Hopefully we can get this right today. I don’t feel like I failed. I learned a lot about decarbing and vacuum levels.


is the boilover merely from the decarb process? you dont have any solvent left in the crude do you?


I don’t think I had any solvent. But I must have. My cold trap is pretty empty. Maybe 10ml. I ran it on my hot plat at 85c till it stopped bubbling. Then again at 100c. Till it stopped bubbling. Then I ran it at 120c till it stop bubbling. Then I threw it in my vac oven for an hour.

Maybe some of the experts will chime in. I think I got it under control with my vacuum vent.


Round 2.


yes, just like grease. make sure everythihg is warmed with a heat gun before you attempt smearing it on there.


try useing a valve to slowly throttle the vaccum, once it starts bubbling back off on the heat.


We need @soxhlet on speed dial

Have a newbie hotline


So we are better this run. I’m at 75c on the mantle. Full vacuum is a 260 micron. And everything looks smooth this time. Oh well.


I think I am going to do a video of the entire process with china glass+mantle. I ordered a cheap chineese 2l head today for that very purpose, stay tuned!


That would be excellent. A little late for me but it will be a huge help for our members and future members.

Just steady taking it up like 5c at a time to prevent bumping up into the head. Everything is pretty smooth. Mantle at 160c / head 85c and vac at 325.


cool, sounds like your creeping up on cannabinoids. Where did you cut the fraction on your last pass?


Could you get any more BADASS!!!



It’s only cause of people here I’m even attempting this. More like scared school girl. I’m on the thc.