First run of fresh frozen to rosin help

Looking for any help from the solvent-less experts , I have about 50 pounds of fresh frozen and I would like to to rosin just wasn’t sure if I should do dry sift I’ll need to get some screens or bubble hash I do have the bubble bags, washer and freeze dryer . Also far as a press I have a low temp rosin press on the way and looking to make rosin jam and rosin diamond

U cant squish fresh frozen straight up, too watery. U need to bubble hash it first, then dry or freeze dry, then squish. Or u can squish 3 days before its normally dry to still get some of those live Terps in there but anything before that will be too wet.
U cant dry sift fresh frozen, that would be a nightmare

If u squish purple buds 3 days before its dry you’ll get purple rosin sometimes :wink:


Best thing would be to kief it with dry ice. The terps are located inside the trichrome.


U cant kief wet flowers…
Lol Everything we want is inside the trichome heads, not just terps…

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Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s exactly what we do my G. That’s why it’s called “Live”.


Your kiefing fresh frozen flowers?
I dont understand how that works with all the water that would be present
You would be getting a ton of green matter/teochome stalks in there with the use if dry ice


I don’t use Dry ice. I use a custom tumbler with Ln2 injection to keep the flower frozen. That’s the key when your kiefing FF. I suggested dry ice because that’s the easiest way to keep the flower frozen while you kief or you can use CO2 injection. As long as it stays frozen you won’t make a mess. To keep.plant matter out you need to use the correct micron mesh.


I’m sure u do. Do u have pics of this magical device?
I thought u said “Best thing would be to kief it with dry ice”
Then after u said “Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s exactly what we do my G”
Then you said "I don’t use Dry ice. "
What is best?
and no matter how perfect u get your screens my dude, ur gonna get plant matter in there.
A 100 micron long, 20 micron wide trichome stalk will fall or catch on many type of screens depending if it lands horizontally or vertically.
If you are using LN2 then I hope ur tumbling very very slow.
Are you getting legitimate yields or is it just kinda for your head, then blast it after?

I haven’t done it myself but the people who are doing nitrogen dry sifts are killing it!


I’m pretty sure they are using liquid nitrogen like a bubble hash technique not dry sifting with nitrogen.
That would be liquid nitrogen bubble hash, not the same thing but similar idea

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We could probably quibble about terminology for weeks :wink:
if it knocks trich’s off (for collection), it’s kiefing in my book.

I think we’re agreed that OP needs to kief that shit afore they squish…

As it’s wet, “dry sift” is out.
Is dry ice best?
yeah, probably. this time. if used correctly.

is LiqN2 “better”?
it does have a certain “coolness” to it :sunglasses:
but probably takes more setup & gear.

which makes dry ice best, even if LiqN2 is better :rofl::rofl::rofl:


So I’m going to make bubble out of it do you have any suggestions for the freeze dry settings what I found was 45f 12hr freeze and 45f 12hr dry then press at 160-180 does that sound about right

I’ve tried it all my man. Here is a few pictures to help you understand because I know it’s difficult .I told the OP to use dry ice because I know he does not have an Ln2 tumbler and this is the best way to take fresh frozen and extract the kief ( without making a mess).

Dry ice method.

Early design of custom Ln2 injection tumbler.

Ln2 R&D. Broke this tumbler many times as it was not made for Ln2.

@cyclopath how many words is that worth? :grin:


Sorry, forgot the 850 gallon Ln2 gorilla Tanker we had to get to run our setup.
That’s my Frenchie in the driver’s seat looking at me like I’m crazy. :grin:

The local air gas hates me BTW.


I just want to be completely sure I’m getting it, your taking plants, harvesting, by cutting down, bucking and throwing right into the tumbler and letting the ln2 freeze it?
I guess I’m still amazed how tumbling works on fresh frozen buds. I would imagine so much is getting trapped inside the bud. And breaking the buds down would just make a mess when their still wet.
That’s very cool to see, thanks for the pictures.
I get ln2 used in a bubble hash fashion, because theirs liquid actually agitating around inside the bud

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Sorry :man_facepalming: forgot that step for you. We are taking whole plants bucking then putting the in an Ln2 3 tier tunnel freezer that I customized down to 1. Then they go into a -40c freezer where they wait to be tumbled or extracted.

@cyclopath your going to need the calculator instead of the :spoon: for this one.


I suppose I should go track it down, rather than deliberately derailing this thread :wink:

I’ll go start another, but why are we defining water hash as “bubble”?

or more correctly, why are we defining “bubble” as water hash?

Yeah, you can achieve full-melt…but isn’t full-melt achieved through any mechanical means of trichome collection “bubble”?


The flower stays frozen from harvest on thru any extraction process. At -180c the trichs don’t stay where they want. No liquid, zero my bro. It’s literally frozen solid instantly. I will try and find a video of the inside of the machine while it’s running. We are doing a lot of R&D to try and achieve a solvent less method that’s not in water or a rosin press.


Told you all the brotha @bg305 has some interesting toys. Once he talked to be about these ln2 tumblers in Oct 18. I instantly invited him here to show you guys this.

I said the same exact same thing @Thetetraguy until I saw these videos last year. I was like what are you doing it liquid nitrogen. That’s impossible.


To the OP. Best and most inexpensive way to get clean Kief. Take two 5gal buckets, cut the bottom 3" off of 1. Order some 70-100um stainless steel mesh an Amazon. With a large zip tie or hose clamp attatched the mesh to the cut bucket. Place it inside the good bucket and fill it with your frozen flower and add rice sized dry ice ( the pellets in the pic beat the flower up to much). Wait about 15min to let the flower get down to the dry ice Temps and shake away. Afterwards you can take the flower and put it your bubble bags to get anything left behind.