First reported death due to CBD drug interactions, brace yourselves

Saw this cause @Sidco_Cat reposted it on her feed.

Now that we have a confirmed kill attributed to CBD, what kind fallout should the industry expect?


any actual evidence from medical literature? I don’t believe whatever random stuff people post on insta

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I couldn’t click.on the study link. From what was posted. Its claimed as a secondary reaction due to a drug interaction problem. They also stated, that THC would have the same effect.
Best case. It will be dismissed as big pharma taking a pop shot at the cannabis industry.
It could cause the FDA to start doing official tests. But indoubt it.
Worst case. The FDA sites CBD as yet another form of the devil’s lettuce, and put all of us out a job. :woman_shrugging:
If selling to retail outlets… may want to go over the product liability insurance forms again. I’m sure someone is firing up a team of attorneys as we speak.


I don’t believe you even have to leave here to understand the problem…

if your meds are working via a p450 enzyme, then CBD will fuck with them. that can kill you. not surprising that it finally has.


All of us? Nooope.

If your job is 100% dependent on Hemp concentrates in the USA remaining completely unregulated I feel bad for you, the regs are coming sooner than anyone might think.

The reason we haven’t seen more on this subject is because of the impeachment hearings- this article will lead to a renewed fervor in favor of clamping down on what is essentially a regulatory Pandora’s box


The cbd didnt actually kill them though, it was an interaction with the other drugs they were taking that caused this.

Cbd alone cannot kill you


I’ve heard cbd can also interact with high blood pressure medications to cause some weird reactions too

Cbd is a drug and should be treated like one

You’re not going to take a slew of drugs from the doctor without checking there compatabilities first


@Kingofthekush420 no you aren’t, the pharmacist is going to check for you and instruct you on administration and counter-indications-

This is why pharmacists exist, and why the FDA wants to put CBD behind the counter


I would also point out the current trend of much higher dosing per serving is going to end badly by way of likely liver injury. All the CBD slangers sitting on unsold inventory jacking up dose/serving might just kill sales altogether.


linked below

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Ahhh man I guess my 6000mg $50 tincture idea isn’t looking so good anymore :upside_down_face:

Side note: I feel terrible for that woman that died, it looks like a very unpleasant death. Very unfortunate.


This is why research needs to be happening at the hands of dedicated medical professionals

Just because cannabis is natural doesn’t mean it’s completely innocuous

I think there’s a Japanese puffer fish that produces a biotoxin that’s one of the most potent toxins in the entire world

I think a lot of people have been anticipating regulations to come down in the near future and I think this is probably the catalyst for that. Yeah CBD is a drug but it’s not really treated like that

I think there’s gonna be some major disruptions coming to the space and those of us that do have some kind of FDa or GMP experience might start to see themselves become more and more in demand

My heart goes out to the patient and her family that passed away


I DO think your high dose tincture is a good idea, just not for people taking contraindicated medications.


from published report:

“Natural Native, Norman, Oklahoma, 73072”

Ouch for them and Ouch for OK regulation crackdown…


Ouch is right. It looks like a horrible death and I imagine she was just trying to find some relief.


This is the key takeaway from the entire study:

“In our case, the patient has previously utilized other commercial CBD products without side effects or associated allergic reactions. This suggests involvement of other ingredients in this non-FDA-regulated product as the causative agent.”


I would likely advise anybody on this form to not make any claims about CBD whether or not it can kill you nobody on this form has the qualifications to make that kind of claim



I’m well aware of the hepatotoxicity issues…

Based on epidiolex data and other literature, it seems like most adults without pre-existing conditions (including pregnancy), or taking medications, could tolerate 100-300 mg per day without any safety issues.