First distillation underway!

Running a 1L flask about 210g of oil atm and things are running, meh. Decarbed first and pulled off some @ around 160C for about an hour. My vacuum is pulling down to 10 FRICKEN MICRONS so I’m stoked about that. Right now I’m still collecting heads, but its becoming more thick and syrupy.

Only trouble I’m running into is the mantle and head temps, and I’m wondering if I ramped too fast? My mantle is set to about 185C atm but my head is moving back and forth between 60C and 120C. Did I move too fast, or is there a simple explanation for this? Seems things are going slooow as well. Any advice here?


Found the culprit… another cheap stir bar stopped working and I wasn’t getting any stirring action. Setbacks are the. worst.


Good luck! I’m currently putting together my first spd

I like these

Edit: not this tiny pea sized one that the thumbnail shows :joy: but the long ones


Congrats on the spd run! Keep updating the thread if any issues arise. Also take a peak at some of the notes some of us post, just to compare.

Personally, I’d hold at 180c mantle until no more heads/solvent/h2o, then go to 200c mantle until a decent main drop cleans the head of the garbage fraction. This way you get a cleaner and higher thc main fraction.


Got probably half way through the heads but the spin bar malfunction was killing any energy in the BF. Cheap spin bar and a flat bottomed 1L flask in a 2L mantle.

Got new spin bars and a 1L round bottom flask coming in the mail today and tomorrow. Going to just re-heat the oil and transfer to the new flask and hope for the best. Pain in the dick, but still, everything is salvageable. Just some loss from transferring the oil…

Will say though, getting such a low vacuum depth (down to 3 microns!!) on my first go is huge. From all the months of reading I’ve done, I know vacuum depth is one of, if not THE most important factors in creating good distillate, so despite the setback, I am incredibly pleased with the performance of my 2021i Alcatel that I bought used for $300 :joy:


Do you find that the octagonal stir bars work fine in round bottom flasks? I’m going to try the egg shaped ones, but unfortunately I can’t find any samarium cobalt ones.

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Sorry Ive never tried I use the other ones for standard 2L beakers with coconut oil theyre very strong.

I have seen others recommend this one for the RBF but Ive not tried

You should really only be using round bottom flasks inside your mantle.

Yeah, it was a improperly labeled Amazon purchase which I didn’t think about as much as I ought to. The round bottom 1L flask is coming in the mail today, and egg shaped stir bars tomorrow, so we’ll give that a try tomorrow or Sunday and hopefully I’ll have some beautiful results to share with you lot.