So I need some help with filtration. I have herd so many different ways just want to do it the rite way and still get great yields with clarity. does anyone know or have a preference on what size micron paper to use? I’ve herd people say coffee filters which are only what 25 micron… others say use 1 micron idk what to do or what to buy so any and all help is very appreciated from us over here. Also is a “cake” nessesary? And if so what should I use to make this “cake”

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Cake can be silica gel, celite545, magsil depends on what you aim to acheive. What volumes do you plan on filtering?

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Well I use dry sift and alcohol. Agitate freeze then wanted to filter so it was good not shit I do 10:1 iso/sift 5 gallons at a time was the goal. My filter set up holds that much

So do you sell everything I’m looking for or what?? Lol if so send me the link I’m ready

So the trick is to do a few stages of filtration. When you stage it correctally it is retilivly quick. Do a rough filtration first with a large pore diameter, this will remove the bulk of the particulate matter. Then refreeze, and go through a medium pore size. Refreeze once again. Take your filter funnel and set it up, make a slurry of Celite 545 and alcohol in a flask and set it to the side. Mount the filter paper using a splash of alcohol and turn on the vacuum source. Swirl the flask with the slurry to suspend the celite, then pour it in a coat over the filter paper in an even layer. Place one more filterpaper ontop of your cake to protect it.Pull the cake with vacuum until it is solid. Carefully remove the funnel dump out the alcohol used for the slurry and rinse the filter flask with a washbottle. You may now assemble the apperatus and conclude the last filtration.


That’s def pro lol. This will be our standard. Thank you for all the help you giving us today. This site seems like paying it forward and people helping people. When I get started I’ll have plenty of ?s but hopefully my shirt videos and pictures and my way will help others.


How much of the Celiite 545 would I use per run? And I’m doing 2units if sift and 5 gallons of Iso. Slot of people say use carbon and clay.

I order all my stuff from culmbo today but I wasn’t using the c bleach to filter like people are saying… am I totally going the wrong way?

Keep a sample from your current extraction, compare it to one done with the bleaching earth. There is a difference, but it won’t break the bank. The amount of filter aid will be determined by the diameter of your funnel.

These guys offer most everything you will need @labsociety


Do you experience any loss of desired compounds with celite? I had good luck with charcoal but I’m wonder if I removed the color and the desirables. Had the crude and charcoal filtrate tested for potency. So I guess I’ll find out and I do like celite. Thanks for the tips.

The celite dosent have the same absorbative propertys of the carbon, it is just a filter aid, akin to fine sand.Losses are very low, if you are concerend about yeild loss you can wash your filter cake with extra solvent.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah that makes sense it is just conflicting. I would wash with cold EtOH to get any thing stuck and I have heard people heating there EtOH for filtration. I think I am putting two different steps together.

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