Filtration Media & Speeding up times



Hi Guys,
We currently are using a B&W pressurized filtration system whilst doing a 2 stage filtration (Warm&Cold) we encounter that the cold pass is way too slow. These units are rated at -55C , however, we encounter that even at -40c the filtration is way too slow. We are using non-winterized BHO crude. We do one pass at room temp then a second at -40c using DE & AC as filtration media. Anyone know if there is a solution to speed up the process in cold pass?


Of course its slow you are trying to push super cold, wax laden, oil through a cake of slow DE and slow AC. Replace DE with Celite 545. Try the following: room temp over Celite 545 + 20u> Cold crash over Celite 545 + 5u > Room temp or warm mix with AC or poor over AC + DE + 5u. Or you could just follow the SOP B&W provides?


Try ditching the AC, as it loves to attract thca. Give this thread a whirl. We’re working on making bho, even from crude material, clear