filter plates and media recommendations for cls

Hey gang,

I’m running a top fill passive 1lb cls and I’m trying to determine the best way to add filtration. Here is what I was considering.

1.attach on top of the recovery tank a 3" filter plate with a paper disc filter then add a celite 545 slurry and vac it just like a Buchner funnel (prior to installation of the material column) to pull a filter puck.

2.attach another filter plate above the one with the celite545 and add another paper filter as a prefilter of sorts.

  1. in the material column add 10-20 grams of activated carbon and/or fullers earth on top of the material so it’s carried through the material column as I top fill then let it soak 10-20 min. The material column has a sleeve that will be filled with rice style dry ice .

is there a better way to do this within the system so I do not have to post process with ethanol just to run the material through carbon/fullers earth? One of the main reasons besides removing additional steps is the lack of a roto vap making the ethanol not only expensive but time-consuming to evaporate.


If I do this should I plan on needing a nitrogen assist to recover the solvent or needing to switch to an active setup or will 90-100F water and dry ice push/pull the solvent through these additional filters with minimal time increase?

if you have a process for using activated carbon within your system I’d love to hear it!

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your working pressures will be higher in your column, and there is a possibility it could leak around the filter.
I would start here with this

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I like to use these with various quantitative filter paper… Fast and Medium…Slow is too slow for me.

I put a few of those plates in the bottom of my columns. I dont use all the rings but i do have like 3x of those plates in the bottoms of my columns with double filters on each side of the plate so essentially every plate has 2x filters on the top and 2x on the bottom.

These have been game changers in my system oppose to just coffee filters


So do they slide inside the ID of ur column or set on gasket seals…

Asking bc wondering do they get stuck ever coming out if ID installed

Thanks buddy

they slip into the I.D , there is a viton o-ring that borders it. They don’t stick any worse in a column than a traditional filterplate. I bought a few of these a couple weeks ago, i’m fairly pleased.


Thanks for the input. I hadn’t seen that filter disc on their site before.

you said these were game changers for you but I’m not sure I understand why. A few coffee filters and a 4-7Um filter crammed into the reducer along with my gasket filter seem to stop any plant matter particulates from making it to my recovery pot. The carbon can make it through these filters even in a Buchner funnel which is why i was thinking about adding a filter plate and a Celite 545 puck to the mix before trying to add carbon to the material column. Do you carbon scrub within your cls with these filter plates?

have you considered useing a 4x8 mesh carbon?

not as the only type of carbon i hadn’t. Do you use this? When I do find info on bleaching they tend to use a fine powder (the only kind BVV offers) or in the case of the summit research treasure chest he mentions using both. It’s my understanding that it works better a little warmer so if I’m going to use it cold i figured to get good results at the very least i’d need to use the powder to maximize surface area and then do a 20 min soak or so.

anyone with any technique for doing this they are willing to share it will be greatly appreciated. i’ve got a good amount of trim/bud that i need to run that comes out slightly darker than i’d like. I don’t have a rotovap and if i’m going to just pour money down the drain on evaporating ethanol I’d rather spend that money buying some sort of filtering setup for my cls that will carbon scrub inline without the need for another solvent if it’s possible.

Of course… A mess of coffee filters and slow quantitative paper filters will stop all particulate but at the cost of speed.

I use to jam a shit ton of coffee filters and filter paper in my columns. the crushed paper leaves un-even pass threw of solvents. Some side have 50x creases of filters to some sides of the colums might have 25x or so creases to pass threw.

These fitler plates have left my columns completely even. The complete circumference of the columns has the same amount of filtering to pass threw. There are no fast spots to slow spots which is what you get when using coffee filters and paper crammed into your columns.

WHY are you trying to stick carbon and celite in your extractor anyways. Have you ever seen if these powders are dis-solvable in butane/propane. Why would I have to carbon scrub in my extractor anyways?

I focus on good material. If it aint good…im not in the market of purchasing it. If im doing toll processing and i get some shit material…i clean it up post extraction. Ive been using a CLS now for about 8 years. In the middle of that time…i started experimenting with different gases…different process…different just about everything. Now im back to the simple process i started with…My product has never been better.

If your really needing to clean up your extraction that much…you might wanna talk to your source of material. Ive found it easier to teach the people process and package the extraction material for storage then work on all this post extraction clean up. Just a suggestion! Good luck and hope all this helps!


Gives a much better feel than coffee filters. Replace every tube. With a filter plate and c ring there’s never a leaf that gets through


I have a fairly decent amount of trim that while the strength and terps are good the color is just off for my customers. I’ve done post polishing it’s just time consuming. AC, 545 and fullers earth work fine in n/iso/propane. I know this because the first guy to show me this process was literally open blasting into a jar then adding more butane to the jar to increase the amount of solvent then running the butane through a Buchner funnel with a reg vac pump (Of course i highly recommended against this in the future). I’ve used ethanol and iso alcohol both to complete these stepts and while they work without a rotovap it increases my cycle time and cost dramatically.

I use large mesh carbon when prosessing crude, although not in the extractor.


Oleum Extracts made an instagram post today about their honey crystal, “highly refined and quad filtered”, but wouldnt reveal what they filter through claiming it is a proprietary mix theyve been honing in for years. Are they talking about putting a filter between the material column and collection base and filling it with what im assuming is a blend of AC, fullers earth, diatomaceous earth, and something else?

I’d doubt it. The big guys don’t concern themselves with going crazy on filtering the ‘crude’ (what comes out the extractor) they focus on post-processing independently.


how are the operating pressures affected in use with these filters here in your experience? I’ve been using a 10 mic gasket filter I got from XD and it is significantly slowing my flow down and increasing pressure by a good amount. it filters well but I don’t like how slow my flow is with them.

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we stage filtration above the sintered disk, the flow is slower but not significantly so. The sintered disks we use are 5 micron.


How do people using filter papers get them to fit the tri-clamp size? are there 4-inch papers, or do you get larger sizes and then cut them?

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It doesnt seem to slow mine down enough to worry me, I use 2 oss 4" filterplate kits 2 coffee filters on the top one, 1 coffee filter on the top of the bottom one then one 16um med-fast ashless paper from hfs, then an XD 2" 10um-20mesh gasket screen at the bottom, pressure is a tiny bit higher but it filters well,
I’d say its flowing as fast as it physically can…
Btw thanks to all who helped me get to this point there are some smart/experienced people on this site


Where do u purchase those disks n wat type are they stainless?

So i read about people stuffing there column or reducer with filter paper, does having open head space in your column effect the extraction process?