Filter Paper Preferences

Hey all, just curious to see what everyone considers their “gold standard” in terms of filter papers. Let’s go with your selection for retaining crystalline samples, and also simple filtration of solids during winterization.


Smashed crystals medium paper, large stones fast paper. Winterization no paper…“magic”.:grin:


I use generic 2.5 micron filter paper from Amazon.

Be aware the Amazon fast and slow generic filter paper ‘Product features’ and ‘Product descriptions’ are incorrect, and have been for years!! Go by the information in the ad title only, if the title says slow it’s 2.5 micron no matter what is said further down below.

Here’s an example,

Sterlitech…all day.

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I prefer fast paper filters for topping off the tops of silica gel and alumina columns as protection against column churning. I use a rated slow filter only for the rare paper only filtration of solvent and compound used.

For dewaxing paper is not important except as a media to protect the column. I personally dewax over alumina. I know from labs that the bulk of the “wax” will not be disolved by the alcohol solvents I use so all I need then is just something to catch bulk chunks. Alumina works great for me and no filter though I believe any more or less filtering bed that acts in similar fashion to inert sand would likely work fine too.

I tried magic for this too but faeiry dust is hella spendy in Oregon and I just end up snorting it anyway so it more or less failed me. It’s bizarre! I just start thinking happy thoughts and begin to fly after a big dab of that stuff. Just don’t let the buzz wear off over about 150’ up… happy thoughts are no longer airworthy when the magic goes away and it is well known that freefalling without a parachute is just not a happy thought.


Thanks for the source!

Hey man do you have a solid method into making water soluble THC crystals/powder? I can’t smoke anymore do to health, I have 97% distillate, and a vac for purging. Anyway you could help me with a step by step, I can’t find any solid methods :confused:



You should look into Sonication, lyposomes, and spray dryers.

if wanting to buy all needed papers in fast and slow for Ethanol extraction, what micron sizes should i go for,

and wich ones in fast or slow?

Link to cheapest packable stainless buchner possible?

Could someone also elaborate the diffrent sizes in fritted glass buchners - does everyone use a coarse one? (G3)

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@FicklePickle…can you answer the above question?


Hello all,

I had a question come up recently, and I wasn’t sure so I thought I’d see if I can get any input from the community. It’s something I guess I’ve always seen but never gave much thought.

What’s the difference between quantitative and qualitative filter papers? Should one be used over another in a closed loop?

Please and thank you,
Gettin Learnt

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I prefer pressure filtration over vacuum filtration.

I’m about to try this Monday

-ethanol extraction in a large -40c slurry
-pour slurry through a 200 micron bag sitting inside 100micron bag.

Both bags suspended inside a 6” spool, then staged filtration paper with carbon and celite 545 sitting above the 6 micron paper.


Put a lid on the spool and pressurize with n2 at whatever psi your heart desires.

**something I noticed recently and I think it’s worth noting, after pressure filtration of 5 gallons of ethanol and 5lbs of biomass with n2 at 50psi, our panda only had to recover about 1/2 gallon of the remaining ethanol in the biomass


@FicklePickle @asher

thanks guys, for now pressurized filtration i feel like it out of my knowlegde at this hand, ive not messed with any of that sort before.

It is something i really want tho, but trying to realize that is maybe not the time because im not the most technical so its like i need to read things a 100 times before it sticks somewhat, banging my head often but what can i do, no one to gets personal consults from here, or any that know what theyre doing and i can trust.

@FicklePickle Im only doing like 250-1300ml of crude oil at a time, so it is very limited the size i would need i guess only having 7-10 liter of tincure to filter at any point? what would be the cost of some like that?

something to mention is i will also be using keif like half the times, so would that effect the filtration negatively that im basicly only pouring a kief solution a the preassure vessel.

like a 12liter vessel would properly do it for all my needs for very long time, but would basicly need to be spoon fed with every purchase/piece needed for that unit to get that to reality at this point

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6-700 for the 6”x24” spool with 2 6” filter plates, lid and 6” base, high pressure clamps, gaskets, filter paper, not including the n2 set up. For the n2 set up I’d buy a 20lb tank and regulator, and that would be around 250-300ish


Thanks @FicklePickle anybody here that could assemble a set like that for a decent price for my needs? , will properly go on the buy later part lists, really did want this to begin with but have now ordered the whole buchner shabang… spending a 3-400 dollar there already.

waay back i put this on my list, McMaster-Carr but kinda ended up
sad laugh of my self thinking of that, at that time.

is this basicly just what i need? plus a little extra obvoiusly since its a complete cls, but maybe it would be good to buy a whole unit i can use for both since i dont have a cls or havnt ran any than old style through tube.

and then i need the bottom changed out with filter plate setup

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could one help with exactly what i would need to convert a CLS to pressurized n2 filtration?

still quite confused about filter papers for my standard buchner setup tho.

I’ve been looking at piecing together an inline filtration spool but I was leaning towards vacuum since I already have one. I was thinking the simplest way would be a spool with filter plate and end caps with Barb’s on each end with the bottom Barb connected to a tube that goes into a gamma lid bucket that has another tube vac port. Then the top hose could just suck out of any kind of pot and I wouldn’t need a liquid pump or have to constantly pour into the top. How’s that sound? I don’t know what to do with gas solvents I like alcohols

@Killa12345 do you have everything to complete a setup i mention above and ficklepickle recommends for my needs on doing ethanol n2 filtration?

could use a cls for this right?, if purchasing a cls from you, are this considered a well updated setup to newest techs that you have? When i do purchase a cls i would want the lamborghini.