filling & capping solutions

Hi, Future4200 members:
While I am searching on the forum I found a lot of people are looking for fillers and cappers.

We are a supplier in China, and I would like to share two of our products to you.

  1. Hand-held filling machine.
    It is a lightweight suitcase shaped filler, and you can easily carry it around. It is compact yet accurate. It fills from 0.2mm-2.0mm each time. It has one button cleaning function and it can be easily cleaned up.

  2. Heavy duty fully automatic filler and capper
    This is the product that we are proud of. It does literally everything for you. It can Achieve Automatic Process of Feeding+Filling+Plugging+Mouthpiece Installation+Blanking, Effectively Save Manufacturing Cost Over 80%. You place a foam base of empty carts on the machine, and it gives you back finished products ready to go.

We also supply popular empty carts in the market such as G5 V9 etc.
We’ve sold millions of carts to our clients in the US and according to their feedback, we know our products are great!

Please email me if you are interested, and I will send you back with the spec sheets and videos of the filler working.

Please post pictures

Thanks for your comment, I really wish they allow me to post videos, because pictures doesn’t show how the machine work. If you are interested please leave your email and I will send you back the videos.
Thank you!

YouTube links work



Interesting!! I’ve never heard of someone filling length :slight_smile:


That was my fault lol :rofl: I meant 0.2ml-2ml

$4,000.00 - $5,000.00

This is 1ml injection, exactly da same
Yeah, during injection u should pull the needle up gradurary, u
U are so fast u need some1 2 help u

I’m finna ask the million dollar question:

What’s your viscosity limit? I see that filler using a siphon feed with an unheated line, I must know, please tell.


Thank you for the video! Our hand-held filler is similar to this one but not quiet the same! I will post our vedio up here!

For the hand-held filler, oil can be heated to 40-90 degrees Celsius. We have a client in the US and he fills his 97% thick oil in 85 degrees with no problem. That is by far the thickest oil I know can work with this machine.


Any homie with a 50 shot and a press can fill/cap 2000 carts in a work day…

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you are right brother! Bur if a homie is filling 2000 every work day he would prefer a more convenient machine!


Probably more


This machine can do far more than that. With the speed home girl moved from cart to cart, I would say about 5-600 an hour.

Issue is cleaning and maintenance between batches. He says one button cleaning, so I am guessing this is air timed, which means that it must be quite difficult to dial in.

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I have posted a video of this machine working, please take a look! You need to add water to let it clean itself.

I hope it’s better than all the allflex guns. But using press fit jupiters its one man ops. Fill 10, cap 10, rinse and repeat. Not trying to discredit this, but I see zero saved time.

What? Water? As in actual h2o in the res?

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I meant for cleaning. After filling all the carts you add water or alcohol and press the button to enable self cleaning. You can also clean it manually.

Yea, using that is a great option too. But you can fill far more than 10 before you need to rinse and repeat. Besides it heat up the oil as well.

Water is the universal solvent, great for cannabinoids especially. Haven’t you heard the word?