FF extract smells like steam distilled terps. How to Ln2 biomass properly

Ran a single test bag of fresh frozen from a top tier cultivator. 70/30 blended gas. Different strains from the same source (same facility) produced exceptional extract. This ended up smelling nearly identical to the smell that you get when sniffing a vial of steam distilled terps. Theory is that at some point post-harvest, the material thawed out, and now a bunch of undesirable molecules leeched into the extract.

Anyone ever experienced anything like this?


How’s it taste?

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Likely exactly like it smells

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Did they freeze it like a steak or use Ln2?


They did not flash freeze unfortunately. But, other material from the same source turned out exceptional

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Yeild is in the 5% range?


Most of the desirables have been destroyed by the freezing process. Try and stay away from material that was placed into a deep freezer. Best way to save this is going to be to CRC it.


Doubt anything “leached” so to speak. Probably just have some degradation and loss of the super volatiles like you can see from steam. Is the extract consistency otherwise different?

What would you say, on average, would be the increase of yield between flash freezing and reg. freezing when it comes to extracting fresh frozen?

When you use Ln2 to freeze flower you have no ice crystals form. When you deep freeze two things happen. First is the formation of ice crystals which destroy cells as they form. The second is encapsulation of thrichs by ice. When you run your FF thats been deep frozen your running cold solvent. This keeps the desirables locked in ice and restults in a low yeild(5%).
Where Ln2 frozen material has no degradation from ice crystals and the desirables are free to be extracted by your solvent.

Yeild stays in the 10-20% range on Ln2 frozen material. This is the reason you got such a deal on your deep frozen.


This was toll processed for a client, not purchased

Free sounds like a good deal if you ask me. The processor gets free material and the farmer gets free processing. I will let you decide who the deal benifits most.


@BG305 do you mind sharing your sop for freezing biomass with ln2 for fresh frozen extraction?

I’m planning to double vac seal and then place in a dry ice iso bath for 10-15 min.

I’ve never done this, except for the bull shit hokie way in the deep freezer like you mentioned. 10-20% yield on fresh frozen is something I can get behind.

That and the fact that you don’t have to purge the butane from the biomass afterwards.


I run FF that is frozen down -75c. I know 0 about LN2 but I’m gonna guess it dehydrates the biomass because that’s the only way to yield 10-20%.


I literally just dm’d him about this haha.

Trying to figure out how do you some rest frozen this fall without a -80 freezer

My thoughts are freeze initially with ln2 and then transfer (grow is 30 minutes from extraction set up) in cooler with dry ice…

Edit: I think you idea of vacuum sealing and freezing in a dry ice bath would do the trick and eliminate the need for the ln2


Well for the ballers here. This should work:


10-20 sounded high. But what the hell do I know? Haha


@BG305 is a baller…


Is there a need for cryo bath? Or can I just bury the vac seal bag in dry ice?