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So, I’m in the process of making rosin carts. I’ve purchased some rosin, and figured out the decarb and 5% cut to get it in the carts and flowing well. Now I have to make decent rosin in-house, and getting nice color is proving difficult.

I started the dry sift route with 3 month old cured bud, sift looked pretty nice, rosin was super dark. Then I tried water hash with low-quality fresh frozen, hash didn’t look very bright, rosin was just as dark. I did not utilize a cold room, but, everything was washed very cold.

I’m thinking it has to be the starting material… but, as usual, they don’t want to buy nice material for R&D. Anyone with experience mind giving me some feedback? Am I correct in assuming only fire material will produce light colored rosin? Or is there likely something wrong with my sifting/washing/pressing procedure?

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New material is better is what I get from here.

Hey man I can help ya out-it sounds like you are pressing at high temps and long presses? Dry sift, in particular, is especially dark but if you press it at 130-145f for one Minoans twenty seconds and you will get a buttery consistency. With flower I never press over 170f and no longer than 2 minutes pressed! Give that a shot-you will be supposed at what some shifty looking buds can push out; but I wouldn’t wash it unless high quality and able to achieve, at least, half melt. Better off doing low temp short presses!:peace_symbol::green_heart::microbe:`



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If you want white rosin you have to start with fresh frozen

It’s all about starting material. Drysifted material will typically be dark


That’s not completely true. I beg to differ.!:peace_symbol::green_heart::blush::microbe:image|406x500

how are you drying? freeze dryer?