FDA banning menthol cigs

“Menthol cigarettes ban could happen next year, FDA says - CNN” Menthol cigarettes ban could happen next year, FDA says - CNN

Which of yall geniuses will formulate the new “menthol drops”. Newports in a bottle?? There has to be a work around. Either that or they will bm menthol smokes


This. They’re not banning the sale of menthol, or cigarettes, just “menthol cigarettes.”

This should get weird, especially because it includes flavored cigars. So BM Backwoods as well.


What exactly is “health equity” ? I think they aim to force minorities to quit smoking by banning menthols? Fing crazy!


I see it now… BM KOOLs

@TheGreenDotStore I dont think its aimed at minoritie(s), more specifically the black community.

Where does this stop. What’s next fried chicken, tortillas and country music?


If the FDA was to do this today an outright ban on menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars. This technically would take years to be enforced due to legal challenges.

It isn’t something that would affect anything today or next year.

I believe in Europe when finally they banned menthol cigarettes they had to provide a 4-year window.


100$ on fda bans menthol cigs, then bails out newports, kool, and marlboro then they get into cannabis with the bail out cash and only grown Menthol strains


The vape industry itself has developed multiple ways to fix this issue. One of the simplest is to simply put a filter/barrel like piece on top of the filter of a cig/vape/pod…you press to let the menthol liquid loose and with your every hit you get plenty of menthol or any flavor you like endless possibilities.

I can imagine a cartridge which literally has flavorless distillate. Which fits one of these flavor tips on top. It can provide you with any number of flavors you like however cannabis users aren’t seeking fruity flavors.

Its an interesting idea I had but never went went ahead with it. It requires bit of R&D on how to best utilize the terpenes to do this.


Looks like I finally found a reason to run these. :sunglasses:


When they say they’re banning flavored cigars, does that include Backwoods, Swishers, Zig Zag Wraps, and the like? I’ve known many people who will buy those, dump the tobacco, and roll blunts with the paper. I know they sell flavored wraps but it isn’t the same feeling.

Any of those for sale?


SO what you’re saying is that I need to start buying menthol cigarette tubes by the case now! I don’t smoke them, but I’ll gladly make money off of them!


I believe one should make the old tips, the ones that kept your fingers from smelling so bad. Those tips with a menthol something stuffed inside it.


Omg it’s gonna be so funny.


Did you ever figure out how to make those work?


There’s menthol sprays and menthol filters already out there.


Yes, it will affect everything. In fact, this is already in place in multiple places. In NYC you can’t legally buy flavored wraps or papers. You won’t know this if you visited a store because they sell everything. Companies do not ship their products to NYC but they can to NJ/CT etc and the jobbers go and sell to the stores.

Also NYC is has a very hefty tax and minimum on game and other cigar products. I think the minimum for a game is above $6 in NYC but in Long Island or outside of NYC within New York State your fine with flavored wraps and these cigars.


Just got this email

ITG Brands Statement on FDA Announcement of Advancement of Product Standards to Ban Menthol Cigarettes and Flavored Cigars

GREENSBORO, N.C. (April 29)—ITG Brands, LLC issued the following statement in response to the Food and Drug Administration’s announcement that it would advance the rulemaking process to prohibit menthol as a characterizing flavoring in cigarettes and other flavors in cigars:
“The FDA’s announcement that it intends to advance product standards to prohibit menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars is disappointing, but not unexpected. We believe the rulemaking process will reveal that there is no clear scientific evidence to support a federal menthol and flavor ban. We are hopeful that FDA will follow the law and prioritize sound policy and science over political pressure. ITG Brands is well prepared to engage with the FDA to ensure that the agency is guided by the science on this issue and that regulators give due consideration to the numerous unintended consequences that such policies would inevitably bring. We will also make sure the voices of our adult consumers and wholesale and retail partners are represented during every stage of the years-long rulemaking process.”

To read the FDA’s announcement, please visit here.

About ITG Brands
ITG Brands is America’s third-largest tobacco company and a member of the globally recognized Imperial Brands PLC family. We are part of a rich heritage of winning in the marketplace through forward thinking and operational integrity. ITG Brands is proud to offer some of the best-known cigarette, cigar and vape products in the world.


I only have the 2. I haven’t ran tobacco through them for any real length of time but now that there may be a reason to tinker around with them, I’ll fire them up and try and take some video of it working for a decent amount of time continuously. Would probably be willing to get rid of one of them if I can make sure they are in working order first.


Have you tried them with Hemp?

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Yes. The injection rod gets too sticky after a couple tubes and all the gears that feed material down get gummed up into submission. The people using these or filling tubes are probably using spent bio or stuff that’s been kiefed to being worthless.

They make a mean cigarette, though.