FDA alert: 8 people in 4 states sickened by Diamond Shruumz Microdosing Bars

Ibotenic acid or ?


“All eight became ill after eating the edibles. Symptoms included seizures, central nervous system depression (loss of consciousness, confusion, sleepiness), agitation, abnormal heart rates, high blood pressure and low blood pressure, nausea, and vomiting, the FDA said.”


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“Oops, my scale missed a digit. On an entire batch.”

I’m guessing something not naturally found in mushroom biomass.


4-ACO has enterted the chat


I haven’t heard many reports of this making people sick. Maybe it was made wrong or math done incorrectly.

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Without solid self-regulation or non-voluntary regulation that includes a lot of solid documentation, appropriate labeling, and quality control testing - we really cannot know, now can we?

Glad no one has died. And not happy that another product is out there making people sick - that doesn’t mean good things for any of us.

If your product makes people sick it brings more scrutiny to every other manufacturer in our intersectional industries.


Yup. Hugely important for psychedelics especially. But if it was 4aco there’s a problem beyond that - they are not being truthful in their ingredients panel as 4aco is not legal (correct me if I’m wrong?) so not only should it be listed but I don’t think that’s legal to sell… Pretty balsy for a nationwide distribution in the open with pretty good marketing etc.

I’ve definitely seen posts on this forum indicating this is the current industry standard practice with a lot of the amnita bullshit.

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Diamond Shruumz appears to be made by Prophet Premium Blends LLC, located in Santa Ana, CA.

Putting synthetic chemicals in food products? That’s a violation of FDA regulations. Putting them in there while marketing them as something that gets you high? That’s a violation of the federal analogue act.

It’s gonna be wild when the DEA gets wind of this and finds out they aren’t cannabinoids. David Linder got a 410 year sentence in Operation Web Tryp :grimacing:


Nowhere on there does it market it as a cannabis product. Pretty sure they know what’s in it from the name :joy:

Labs linked in this article show ND for ibotenic acid, muscimol and the standard psilocybin/psilocin family.


“proprietary blend of nootropics” is apparently the cool way of marketing unknown RC’s to naive customers. Tre House does the same thing.


I’d lean more towards whatever broker sold them what they thought was 4-AcO probably sold them some bullshit and they didn’t test it themselves before selling it on to customers.

4AcO does not do this to people and is generally one of the safer of the 4-series tryptamines


I’d agree actually; plus if people were overdosed on a proper psychedelic I feel like they would mention them tripping balls lmao, from the article and looking up the brand, seems like the did some neotropic blend including 5-HTP, a little bit to much of that and someone could exhibit symptoms of serotonin syndrome, which kinda sounds like what they were experiencing.

With them being coy about their actual formulation, we will never know what it was. Lots of compounds out there that are easy to overdose on, especially once you start to Factor in synergistic interactions with other compounds in the formulation.

It’s all conjecture untill they run an exhaustive analytical study on the material, and you bet they will! Doubt it’ll ever be public tho, but who knows!!

It’s all bad tho, unsavory operators will be the death of the psychedelic industry before it even takes off.


I agree with you, but I’m not sure they would be putting 5-HTP in it, that would increase the overhead and I think that’s the exact opposite of the problem.

I have personally seen a broker send sildenafil in place of what they said was 4AcO, and if you didn’t use a lab test, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

The doses would have to be truly massive for something like serotonin sickness, although the combination with 5-HTP could contribute to it. The article doesn’t describe how fast the symptoms set in, but it sounds like they had an immediate reaction to whatever was in the products

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lots of stuff in there where if they are a decimal place off in formulation could be terrible for the consumer; plus who knows half of these interactions.

im unsure if this is the same product formulation as what was consumed; but it probably was.


I have serious doubts about any of those ingredients.

The price just doesn’t make sense

Yeah I’m with ya on that, it literally says muscimol on the ingredients, yet according to the article it was ND for it. Massive red flag right there lol


Flashbacks to hemp


They recently ran a recall on these products for a “wheat allergen” issue.

I’d bet by last dollar that its a lie in service of covering this up

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What do you presume actually happened?