Favorite hydrocarbon solvent for extraction?

Whats your solvent of choice to run in your cls?
Started on n, didn’t like it. Went to 70:30. Also didnt like it. Been on 404020 for a year now.
Thinking about chamging again.
Mainly isobutane is what im questioning.
Who runs straight isobutane and how do you like it?


He runs pure iso, I want too but I would need to chill my recovery tank so that’s a hurdle for another time.


at least make a fancy poll with a bunch of options!


I have been wanting to try straight iso also…

Currently running around 50/50 propane/nbutane. Slowly working my way back towards straight N.

My one fits all solution is pure n-butane but for newer live/crystal type products ill add propane up to 50% for some runny sauce. Put me on the list of people looking at trying out iso-butane. My only hesitation is lack of stability but iv heard it pulls rock hard resin like “N.”


I think that could be mitigated by lower oven temp for shatters

  • N butane
  • ISO butane
  • Propane
  • Blend (comment your blend)
  • Pentane
  • Hexane
  • Heptane
  • Octane
  • Terpene based solvent

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I like running a blend of gas that’s why I still use canned tane. I have been running whipit premium. 54% ntane 24% iso and 22% propane


You can buy blends in tanks.
I had great luck with whip it when I had a closed column.

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Do you have verifiable info to confirm that? I use to use tons of that stuff so I am genuinely curious

Yeah buddy :+1:. The answer is always in the MSDS.




How do i make a poll? Ive been wondering how

It’s under the gear icon when drafting a post
On mobile you have to hit the hamburger menu first
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Gracias senior

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Why’d you leave out kerosene?


ive used pretty much everything… 70/30 butane/propane was okay really only ran for live resin but takes awhile to recover passive… 60/20/20 n/p/iso which i really liked. 100 ntane which i also like if im running mid-high quality material… made some really nice shatter and diamonds with straight N for years. 50/50 ntane/iso was okay. probably my least favorite and didnt run it for very long. maybe a month

only thing i havent tried is 100% iso. might run it here soon.

i really like straight n tane and i really like the 60/20/20 as compared to the 70/30…

isobutanes boiling point is 10.95f and butanes boiling point is 30.2f… iso with the branched chain structure and butane with the straight chain…


Damn shit dont have enough ump to come out xold.if open blasting though

I switched to extractors choice big boy tank 70/30. Moment was done back.at whip it.premiumn 420ml.cans

Cant beat the price and grade whip it premium. I’ve never cleaned black shit out after distilling

starting to wonder if guys cleaning the black stuff out the bbottom of the pot is just bc they never clean their rig from head to toe with qtips of acetone then alcohol then distilled water rinse

U ever seen what comes off the threads on the inside ur rig or the filter plate w qtips and acetone and rubbing alchohol. Dont do it or you want be able to quit cleaning till she’s done

And I mean a brand new rig.

not pressure tested and clean rig from killa those dont count hes gonna clean it for u when u pay him to do it

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Dang I always thought Newport was the cream of the crop. Gotta admit whip it premium looks appealing. I think they are both made in UK

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Whipit premium is my favorite, but straight n-tane is great to recover.