Faster flow rate on SPD

Ok well I’m seeing if my flow rates can get sped up. I took a video of all the temps and micron reading. And the whole system so you can see exactly what I’m working with. Figured that would be easier than explaining it all. You’ll see what my flow rate looks like. It’s slow…but I feel like I could possibly raise temps. Just nervous to do so. This is my third short path run. Usually takes about 10 hours for the terp fraction and another 10-14 for the main body

Also my condenser temps are at 55

Raise the heater to 75c+ hot condensor tek may suit you as well.

Raising mantle temps isnt the answer.


The condenser being that hot doesn’t have any effect on the distillate quality? Or does it serve another purpose? Like raising head temps without raising the mantle or something? Sorry I’m super new to this

It keeps the heat hot to keep the distillate moving and not clog the vapor tube.

That can help speed things along, albeit minimally.

But 55c is not hot enough imo.


Cool thanks man I’ll raise it now. I have to clear the path with a heat gun every so often so I’m sure that will help. I started this run at 5pm yesterday, so I’m about to hit the 12 hour mark

As far as mantle temps I was told never to go above 180 with a decent micron reading. But I’ve seen a few posts on here of people saying 180-200 mantle at like 200 micron

Also after I raised my condenser temps to 75 my head temps went up by like 5°. That normal?

Head temp is the value of the vapor from the bf in the mantle, not the condensor temp. That only keeps things flowing and not clogging.


Ya that’s what I thought. Must’ve just been a fluke, it ended up dropping back to 155 a minute ago. Just tripped me out cause it happened right as I raised the condenser. Thanks again man

Don’t be nervous… go hotter.


You should insulate your boiling flask. 10-14 hours seems very long.


Also more dry ice in your cold trap. I have seen vacuum depth fluctuate with lack of dry ice in my cold trap.


Ive been running my condenser at 140

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I wouldn’t raise your chiller/heater above 70C without checking your hoses and chiller fluid to make sure that they are compatible. Hot condenser tek is mainly about keeping your condenser hot enough so that only the cannabinoids can condense on them, letting some other undesirable things by pass your distillate and end up in the cold trap.

Dont be afraid to go over 180. I wouldnt go over 220, but all of this depends on vacuum level, if you have 10 microns, then 180 might be enough, but if you are at 200 microns, going over 200 is where you want to be. As long as you have things at sub 300 microns, you will not have to worry about any substantial degradation.


My pump oil was fucking disgusting. I changed it after the last run but apparently not well enough. I spent the last few days flushing it. I now have my condenser at 70° and put some foil around my boiling flask. Flow rates are waaaayyyy better. But I do have some bubbles forming and popping inside. The only thing I could think of is a vac leak but I’m stable at 70 microns. Sooo here’s another video.

You definitely shouldn’t be getting that slow of output from that rig. What’s your decarb procedure before starting the distillation?

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I decarb in a 12l mantle/boiling flask

What temp are you getting the crude to? Is it under vacuum when you’re decarbing? What’s the CFM rating of your pump you’re distilling with? As others have said, insulating your BF would be a good call as well. When you talk about your mantle temps, are you referring to the temp between your glass and mantle or the temp of your crude inside the flask? I usually get my mains to pop at 190-200c crude temp, but my mantle temp is around 240 with my PV at 280. What is your spinbar RPM set at?

I use fireplace rope and space blankets to insulate my bf, running my condenser at 91c and usually only spend 6 hours total on my run on my 2L system, and it’s not as nice a setup as you have. So now this is going to bug me until we find the culprit as to why your runs are so slow.

I can pull main body at 180c with 250 micron