Farmer just getting into extraction please help

Just a quick hello love this forum BN lurking n learning for a month or so thanks to everyone in advance .So the situation is we have roughly 35!lbs of trim a month I need to do something with ,a friend has a Waters CO2 sfe system that’s 3 yrs old hes trying to sell me for 15000 it’s complete and nice . I know very little about the CO2 have run hydrocarbon setups before but minimal experience as far as chemistry goes. Would it be more efficient to run CO2 or hydro? As far as start up goes would it be cheaper to buy the waters system or a 5lb nice hydrocarbon setup . I’ve heard the CO2 puts out a tastier product but I have no experience n is why I’m asking . Thank u

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Is the trim you’re working with relatively fresh? If 15k is the budget, I can’t think of a reason to go CO2 instead of setting up for hydrocarbon. Might even make more sense to get set up for rosin for a third of that number lol


What are you looking to make? I run two sfe. The terps are tasty once you dial in the machines. CO2 is not as popular for extractions these days since you can mostly only make full spectrum vape carts. You can try and make concentrates but takes much more effort on a waters. 15k is also just the beginning of the costs. You need rotovap, vac oven, cryo fridge, funnels… In the end your product comes out tasty but the customer base is lacking these days.

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Rosin? Do u mean something like nugsmasher iq thingies ?? I’ve got oneif that’s what u are talking about,it’s just to slow . The trim can b either but I don’t have access to lab freezers . My budget is 21000 for equipment, I know not àlot, but trying to make something outa nothing . I’m wanting to grow as I learn more, but I wanna also not go broke ,my wife would be pissed . If ur thinking hydrocarbon what system would u recommend ??

Mostly carts,shatter or something to dab,edibles that’s bout it nothing crazy . I already have 2 vacuum ovens and a 50 l USA labs roto I picked up at a auction couple months back at a CBD business that went bankrupt. I thought u could use the CO2 crude straight outa the waters into vape carts . What all post processing is there to CO2 oil ? So the hydrocarbon can be used straight after extraction correct? Now I’m completely confused . Is there a site that has begining to end instructions on these 2 types of extractions that is very straightforward .??thank u for help appreciate it

You have to refine the crude. Will need to winterize, then recover most of the etoh in the rotovap and then purge the rest in a vac oven.

Have him run a batch of your trim and try it. CO2 gas advantages in retirement production but also has a taste in straight extracts.

I don’t understand

Muzik how do u winterize ?? So the CO2 has to be soaked in -40 etoh ?? Then purged then I have a product I could use for carts or dabs ?? I don’t have to do this with tane correct ?? Man it looks like butane here we come // I just really think the CO2 oil tastes so much better my personal opinion

Crude in 3.3 borosilicate glass beaker, add about 10x etoh. Put in cryo freezer. Then buchner funnel/erlenmeyer flask. Rinse n repeat until no precipitate present. If you are not set up for hydrocarbon extraction then safety is a huge concern. I would take @Cascade_hemp advice and go straight into rosin. Much more safer for sure. Hire @SubstituteCreature for a consult and you will make some fire rosin that will bring all the boys to the yard. Damn right!


Not interested in rosin n I’m well aware of the safety issues with hydrocarbon .thank u for the opinion n advice but I’m on a path n gonna figure it out regardless just trying to skip àlot of the trail n error . Where best place to purchase a 5lb or 10 lb system ?? I’ve saw a guy on here advertised but I can’t find him at the moment it was something like kiler or something like that

Where? Were they trying to sell you a CO2 rig?

So did you hear this or do you have personal experience?!?

Not saying it can’t be done, but that’s not the general consensus, and the only side by side I’ve done was no contest.

Maybe. Certainly all the information is here. Finding/navigating it takes some work. If you’re in a hurry you might try the “buy a clue” option.


@Killa12345 is who youre seeking


Cyclopath The CO2 vapes I’ve bought at dispensary always seem more natural tasting than any of the others n it didnt burn back of my throat but it seemss the CO2 is more headache n time intensive than I’m willing to deal with so BHO it is . It seems u have the knowledge drop it on a brother don’t b scared :joy: And as far as speed goes I’m like a turtle slow n easy not n a rush n not into paying for info that should always b free to anyone who has the curiosity . It took me years to learn truffles and mushrooms just had to find the human being that was humble enough to show me the reins (thank u tom ) I’ll figure it out but thank u

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I haz bro…and I spend some time most days trying to make it easier to find & navigate.

So today I’m gonna go with

Reading most of these wouldn’t be a horrible place to start. Should be links to more reading. and if you choose to purchased pieces to speed your journey, pick your sensi wisely. This is cannabis, where getting what you paid for is not a given.


Uncle Sam’s done took it all or I wouldn’t b on the Internet searching instead of paying a chemical engineer thank u


Most chemical engineers would get it wrong imo.

Ennie meeny miny moe: CO2 or BHO?


There is a taste to CO2 extracts that can be pretty distinct. Based on this thread, I think you would be biting off a lot with the CO2 system you have access to. If you are serious about extracting, there are much simpler and more versatile ways to do it. The people here can help you do it.


I am assuming you have thc-a clippings not cbd-a ?
Co2. I would deffenatly not recomend
Butane is probably your best option
Defenatly in variety of possible products
And another cheap method with decent products is the old panda spinner
And dry ice very doable with the requested volumes


If you already have this capacity for solvent removal, then a smaller centrifuge and filtration setup would be the way to go imo for crude, and then you would need a SPD and vac to make distillate.

That being said, 35lb/mo of trim is only going to yield you approx. 1L output of distillate, so you might consider just using the capital to improve the grow and/or scale up your rosin production.

Unless you want to turn everything to a water soluble powder after crude production AND have a retail outlet for it, which is doable with this budget, you’re not really going to be able to justify the purchase financially relative to the theoretical revenue that extraction equipment will provide, and end up just buying expensive paperweights of other’s failed endeavors.