Falling Formulations Falling Film -Thanksgiving Sale- !Buy One Get One Free! [POTENTIAL SCAM]

Sent an email and hope to connect by phone tomorrow!

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Are we allowed to sell the extra one…

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@Intergalactic you could melt them down and cast them into swords :crossed_swords: If you felt the need, but be sure to send us pics!

Being a mostly DIY unit The aim of these in general, and this sale as well is geared towards consultants, practically get a unit for free if you can set up one of your consults with the knowledge and know how.

We do supply exact parameters for ancillary piece choice and operation, But as far as pinning an exact pump choice out for our clients… that’s something we leave up to operators due diligence for now.

And as many of us know sometimes and for some people nothing beats the experienced hands and mind of a present or past operator, right there in house, with nothing on his plate but getting you up to speed on FFE.

Mid Next year we plan on sourcing and hiring an experienced operator/consult to do installations on behalf of FF, and we plan to extend the full consultation value for each install performed to said person…

For now we’re just excited to have the time and opportunity we do, and to be able to offer the value we bring to the table.

FF Team


Sent a message over the phone, will call back tomorrow, hoping to still get in on this deal. If anyone wants the other FFE, I still dont have a use for it, but cant pass on this incredible deal. So I’ll probably just store the extra one until I do a consultation or someone hits me up for it on here.


Hey I need a falling film what’s the price on it and what are the specs/production output hourly or daily?

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I might be down!

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let me know! id be down

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Did anyone actually get in on this deal?
After calling multiple times a day, with no response. This deal seems a bit fake, they could have just sold one to their “buddy”.
many people have hit me up and havent been able to get thru with them either.

@Kingofthekush420 looks like I’ll just probably go with ur FFE, if these guys dont get back to me


Hi @Thetetraguy

We are closed weekends, hours posted on our site :slightly_smiling_face: Apologies you couldn’t get thru!

We have 1 pc 6” buy one get one package up for grabs.

Feel free to reach out.

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I have reached out, I even reached out as you were typing that message… I’ve called the phone number multiple times and left multiple messages.
So no more 15k units left huh?
Unfortunately the 30k unit is out my budget

Called again and got ahold of Jesse, apparently their bogo stock is pretty much gone.


Hello @Thetetraguy!

Nice speaking with you, our 4” units did sell out fast,

We have one Package of 6” units left up for grabs.

Because of the massive interest shown in this sale, we plan to extend the savings all the way to thanksgiving.

The offer we will be extending is a 10k discount on our non jacketed 6” units.

These units retail at $27,500

Final sale price on these units will be 17,500 including all charges.

Happy holidays and happy extracting everybody!

-FF Team-

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So ur jacketed 6" retails at 30k and your non jacketed retails at 27.5k?
I still havent been able to get an invoice yet, to see the full price tag. It’s not hard to get ahold of them but (along with a few others) we havent been able to get any further. I would like an invoice so I can see what I am paying for and how much.


I had much the same trouble. Asked to order the 4", got an invoice but no sales contract, no spec sheet, no nothing - and then was told the day later that because my invoice was unpaid (A day later!), the sale had been canceled and that they had sold the units to someone else. I still haven’t seen a spec sheet or any documentation of any kind on these units, and I never saw a sales contract. I appreciate the fact that they are made in the US, and would still like to build an evaporator around one of these, but it’s pretty difficult to do business with these guys right now.


That is Cema in that picture. That dude FaceTimes me all the time.


Ya use to get alot of calls from jack at 2am


I really like the description of there wiped film that they wont tell you anything about until after you pay


Hey @grajmahal

Yes, you have to understand we received over 45 unpaid invoices in the period of our sale.

It’s very common for clients to call us, get all the info needed to run a system and never pay their invoice.

We sent you a clear invoice with payment instructions and sales contract attached.

We stated early in this sale that we run sales on a first come first serve basis.

We are a small business and if we held units that we have a limited amount of stock to build for a client that may or may not pay their invoice, that would not be fair to a client with cash in hand.

Our units are built from standard 3A sanitary steel & our basic specs are listed on our website.

As far as specs of output, our units are DIY.

We can supply the exact surface area if you would like to do your calculations.

And @Concentrated_humbold, correct, I’m sure if we put up pictures of our USA designed & Manufactured wiped film, can GUARANTEE you’d see cema knocking those off too :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Our wiped film is still in the last stages of R&D & stress tests, hence not fully launching them.

We have multiple units in the hands of trusted clients and they are performing better than anticipated, 2 of the units in Humboldt actually.

Lived in redway and went to south fork… your based in southern or northern hum.?

We get a lot of clients with an odd attitude, like they are entitled to some product or service, but fact is, we do this business because we want to pass on the love we wish we received getting into this & purely as an enjoyed and dedicated hobby.

We do business with respectful and direct clients only.

If we answered every single one liner email we receive we would be online 12 hours a day.

We apologize if you missed our sale.

A simple polite phone call and maybe we could have got a package into your hands. :man_shrugging:

Regardless, wish you all the best, and we plan on a buy one get one half off for Christmas, we would love to get you on the list early!


That’s awesome you guys sold everything, nice way to end the yr. No offense intended, obviously if your stuff didnt work im sure people would have heard

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I’m interested in splitting one.

They said they had a sale until thanksgiving, they only set aside a couple units for the sale. So they “sold” out quick. They listed a bogo sale then bate and switched to a 10k off sale for the “one” unit they had “left”.

They “make” these units, its not like they could have made more for the sale, right?..

I guess well just have to see what they offer for the next sale…

If you still want one @TUC2120437 just hit up @CEMAINSTRUMENT , they make the same thing for much cheaper, or piece it together and make your own. Turns out these things arent any more than maybe 12k in steel. Im making mine for under 10k, (and its got an extra condenser than the one FF has) u can see my diagram on the “open source ffe” thread