Falling Formulations Falling Film -Thanksgiving Sale- !Buy One Get One Free! [POTENTIAL SCAM]

Falling Formulations will be having a thanksgiving sale on our 4” and 6” falling film units!

In the spirit of giving we have placed an extra large stock order, this, in partnership with our welder feeling the holiday spirit, has prompted us to offer a limited quantity of Buy One Get One Free film units.

Reach out to us soon as the quantity is limited!

Happy extracting & happy holidays everybody! !


What is the gallons per hour recovery rate? do you have a website or any photos of the units? what is the footprint and what are the electric requirements?


Falling Formulations.com

We’re a small company and the sites official launch is Jan 2020 but it’s open early for transparency, you may see some things move around and some site editing before next year.

42KW for the 4” and 38kw for the 6” matched on both ends would equal roughly 35-40gph

You can scale either units btu to increase recovery

Our 4” we don’t recommend attempting to run over 65GPH for terp blowby reasons

And our 6” with standard condenser has a recommended recovery limit of 95GPH

Both now come with dual counterflow coil pre heaters free of charge.

Both can be outfitted with terp screens & sanitary dismantling plate condensers to boost efficiency and triple condensation area.

Feel free to reach out to the number on our site With any specific questions!


This is the craziest deal ever. Buy one falling film get one free. You guys are beasts. Awesome thread. Anyone wanna split one. Lol.

Will you be at mjbizcon and will you have units on display?


Thanks! @Killa12345 we just try to pass the love around, we love this industry and anytime we can return some of the love we receive we jump on it!


We had bizcon on the menu this year but unfortunately had to pass it up until the next one, crazy busy this year scaling down for minor cannab breeding and starting our own micro minors farm. (Sounds off but I think u get the gist lol)



That is crazy deal your company is offering! Its nice to see a company that is not just interested in profits! How much do the 4" and 6" untis cost?


I’m down
U mean I can get a FFE for the cost of a roto lol who wouldnt be down


ill text you this week…we will chat.


Something tells me way over priced hence the buy one get one :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Our 4” non jacketed runs 15 plus shipping crate and tax

Our 6” with jacket runs 30k with shipping crate and tax included.

@Hash123 most ffe are definitely demanding a higher cost than ours, some more than quadruple, our quality is great, we are an American company, and have grown up in the cannabis industry since we could walk.

This is our thanks to the industry. Plain and simple.
We had a great year and we love sharing the good fortune!


So I’m guessing this is a bare unit, we need our own ancillaries like a chiller and steam kettle/instahot at that price?


Correct @NewLevelProcess

This unit would require transfer pumps and a heating and chilling setup.

We provide exact specifications required, but those pieces are customer supplied.

Although, we do supply quality American made chillers, our lead time has extended recently on our chiller models to test every unit thoroughly before sale.

Has anybody been able to reach this company? I’ve tried dm and the number on their web page but no luck so far. I’m looking to buy a system during this sale but can’t seem to make a connection.

Let’s get you guys affiliated with the GLG. You can come set up your FFEs at our Vegas meetup, which is running at the same time as BizCon, for a fraction of the cost and will have a much more focused audience


@EVFarm apologies for the difficulty connecting!

We’ve been swamped here at FF

I responded to your dm earlier today with my personal cell, feel free to reach out any week day before 6pst

@Future big thanks for the Invite! Unfortunately we have so many projects at the moment, we cannot afford a day away from the shop, we would love to be part of the GLG in the near future but already believe we Are in spirit! We will be MUCH more active next year with trade shows and GLG meetups. That’s a fact.


Thanks for the reply and sorry I missed your phone call. I know you must be extremely busy with the response to your unbelievable sale. I will reach out to you tomorrow. Really looking forward to finding out about your systems.

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I want 2x of the 6"…how do I order?

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Talked to Jessie at falling films today. Made arrangements to buy 6 inch jacketed system with modular plate condensers. It was a very interesting conversation I learned a lot. Seems small like we all are but a very capable company.


@DropWise dm sent

@EVFarm it was great speaking with you, we look forward to You joining the Falling Formulations Family!

Hey future 4200!

Just wanted to stop by and say we are running out of our buy one get one stock fast, if you would like to get your hands on one of these game changing package deals be sure to reach out soon!

Otherwise, we hope you all have a great holidays!

And we look forward to next years thanksgiving sale!

FF Team

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