Falling film companies, advise appreciated.


Looking for some pros/cons of the different falling/rising films now available. Looking at pinnacle stainless’s rising film, truesteal’s falling and delta separations as well. Any and all advice would be super helpful!! Thanks!


I dont know anything about the equipment your talking about

However, I have had dealings with Zach at Pinnacle and he is a good person. Very responsive and always looking to help if he can.

Working with good people is always a plus


When I vote with my dollars early next year it will be likely between a Delta unit or the Agile Stainless one if I don’t just make my own.
Pinnacle and trusteel are both overpriced for what they are in my opinion.


@PinnacleStainless has the most experience, and you are paying for that.

@DeltaSeparationsNate looks promising, but I’m not sure how it actually performs

@precisionnick has one too, again looks nice but I havent played with one yet

All three of these companies are in the GLG because they are good people that deliver good results

I suggest you take a look at AgileStainless as well. Best price/performance in the market right now, my design, great guys to work with.

I wouldn’t recommend TruSteel or any of the other miscellaneous FFEs floating around rn


The Delta one uses a big plate condenser that takes a lot more floor space, and might be a cleaning issue, but I haven’t used it.

The bizzybee looks really clean too, and I like the options for heaters, chillers, pumps, and extra heat exchangers.

I havent gotten into any automation that might be available, mostly whether you can run it overnight until the feed tank is empty like you can with an ASRS or distimatic.


Anyone have firsthand experience with Bizzybee’s FFEs?


Thank you all for the reply’s!! We are also interested in bizzybeez ffe. I know he’s a member of the GLG so hoping he might chime in on lead times. We are also wondering about power consumption. Thanks again for the awesome info!


I do, they are dope. @710st is here sometimes and can chime in on the details


Hear nothing but good things about BZB.


Yep yep I’m on here! I co-designed it with the bee. Been catching up with the wave of falling film orders :). Feel free to ask any questions or shoot me a DM. The guys’ are supposed to have the website up soon too!


@710ST Awesome!! What are lead times looking like?


10-12 weeks currently


Of these options, which do we know have met or will meet peer review requirements by PSI?



Can only speak for myself but we are using Trusteels AV 15 and are seeing great results with it.