Fake Dank vapes warning

Fake Dank vapes carts are apparently this dangerous. Be warned. Not that I think any of you guys are buying these, but this is actually what’s happening right now. Be careful and warn your friends. Friends don’t let friends vape poison.

“DeGrave said his brother bought his THC vials, Dank Vapes, from a street dealer”


Word on the trail is the were cut with TT. :grin:


I hope thats just a joke. Permanent damage to his heart and lungs. He may not ever get out of the coma.


Of course my bro. I feed for buddy and his loved ones.:pray:


Now yall see why we hate cutters. Now that county is gonna form a task force and hunt ALL the pen facilities, not just these scum bags



And my ppl complain that I went from 20@ to 25@ and it’s a 100% clean quality product.


I can tell you there is soooooo much fuckery going on in the industry. Its pretty fucked. YESTERDAY, while with @Siosis and @qma i think someone that came threw…not either of those 2 but someone they know… came with some fake shatter im almost positive and i dont know what was in the vape cartridge. Both tasted totally fake.

The Shatter when heated turned instanly black. Like it was not BHO. It smelt like CRC warm tech with the waxes but when burned that shit turned insta black…no gold liquidifaction despite its beautiful super light color. The vape cart tasted like straight plastic. It reminded me of people that use to freebase coke in the 90s.

Ive been making my own oil for a very long time. Never even the worst of the worst material tasted this bad and didnt look nearly as good. There is a ton of fake shit going around. I really feel for those that dont smoke and havent smoked to really not get ripped off.

Please be careful out there.


I’m curious whether or not this is the result of someone adding one or a combination of the JWH analogues to carts. I’ve had this nagging suspicion that as carts continue blowing up, unscrupulous individuals will start mixing fake liters with the JWH’s and pushing carts, K2 carts :neutral_face::confused::slightly_frowning_face::frowning:


Thats why he came to us lol

He is over that bullshit going around local. Its gonna be impossible to sell fake carts down here soon with facilities putting out legit shit at the same price that brokers have the fake shit


The shatter looked soo nice until burned. Im starting to believe in my burn test. If you aint smoking this shit…Good fucking luck!!!

The second it hit the nail something was wrong…and that smell FUCK! Good luck y’all.


I sent the link to my clients. Hope they understand quality cost a few bucks more than a “raid” cart.


We are legit full circle to totse memes.

Here is a state full of people huffing raid


Should have known it was Indiana, almost sounded like Florida…:joy::joy:


Whats JWH?


Did they end up addicted and caught up in a plot of talking typewriters and criminal.conspiracies?

JWH analogues are a series of chemicals designed to interact with the endocanabinoid system. They were developed by professor emeritus John W. Huffman of Clemson university. There are well over 100 analogies that he developed and different ones have been used to manufacture fake cannabis. Essentially they are the active ingredient in things like spice and K2.


True. I was thinking about the synthetic cannabinoids, but I’ve only heard of seizures with those, never significant heart and lung damage.

I heard about cutting with synthetic cannabinoids late last year, between that, these cutting agents, and flavors that give you popcorn lung etc. I can’t even imagine smoking a cart that I didn’t personally make.


Yeah good color, smelled somewhat of crc. Could smell the dab he took, @Killa12345 took 6 months off his life just for testing it :joy: definitely either hugely cut down with some sort of stable dilutent or something like that. Crazy how good people are at making fake shit. If they put that effort into good products they could probably get some quality.


people used to call me stuck up or conceded for doing shit like this. They didnt understand why i wont hit their dab or their pen. Or when i do i have very critical shit to say. I wasnt born with a filter. I dont sugar coat shit. If there is a problem with my stuff. I want to be known. Thats what family does. They look out for family.

At the end of the day its about integrity…I want the people around me to know if im saying something its for a reason. Its not to knock another mans hustle. Its just giving my opinion on how id like my shit personally. If you dont agree. Thats OK. We can differ. But at the end of the day. Im looking out for everyone. Some people have no empathy. Some people dont know what its like to put yourself in that person shoes. Would you like to be the receiver of this???