Fake/cut rosin?

Anyone heard rumors about rosin being cut with BHO? I’ve seen some bho that could be mistaken for rosin from a visual standpoint, and I’m guessing blending it with real rosin would add to the description. Was even claimed to see it first hand- which I believe him but I’m hoping this isn’t the new honeycut bs, and with prices the way they are I wouldn’t be surprised unfortunately.

I know some people used to cut bho with botanical terps at seshes, but they always tasked like carts. Has anyone heard or ran into this? Seems like at the right ratio it could be passable…?

Main concern is how do you differentiate…

New trend is to send everything to rosin and then run the press bags in the CLS… So i wouldn’t put it past people. Never seen it personally


Yep, absolutely happens. I could probably get the (a) recipe.

Residual solvent testing is your best bet at detection, making your own would be the best way to avoid


Bought an ounce in Eugene

Smelled like vape juice fruit

It was a shitty attempt at flan which WILL pass as rosin but this jar was just too sandy and I found a few .1-.2 dimes

Great badder, still got returned for refund as batter ain’t worth 500 a zip


Runniness. Usual rosin badder isn’t very runny even my rosinsplosions have a certain amount of thickness on it that it won’t drip off the dabber in a super fast way. If you can’t get a solid glob on the end (which is the case for like…4-5 percent of rosin if it’s SUPER FUCKING HIGH in terps) that would be a hint for me. I am wondering what super heavy duty analytical testing would say on a rosin sample vs a very nice tasting terpy bho badder sample?


When I smelled it I immediately thought “why don’t i distill or refine bho terps and add to rosin like the sad fat man does?”

Apparently it makes his rosin the “best?”



That wouldn’t work very well. They’d need to warm up the butane and soak for a while.

Taking me way back with that og metal gear solid

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They actually run pretty easy. I assume cause they have been squished and heated, but not decarbed? The runs I’ve done i did just use clean warm gas, a few guys I know just keep a warm tank for reclaim. The sacks are always dumb clean too, and take no remediation really.


I just started playing it again a few weeks ago lol

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Did they re-release it?
Been so long since I owned a ps1

I’d say this is your best bet right now, allegedly there’s remakes in the works though.


Metal gear and resident evil are by far my too favorite games of all time

I’ve bought so many fucking different consoles simply for resident evil games…

Dreamcast - Code Veronica
Gamecube - Re4
Xbox360 - Re5 (I think I have the collectors edition with the steel case kicking around here)

Capcom has been good about making sure there’s PC ports out there since re5 so at this point I usually get myself a new graphics card whenever there’s a new release

My steam tells a tale for sure


If it isn’t obvious outside of Dark Souls these are my very very very very very favorite games


What did you think of biohazard?

I enjoyed the shit out of the graphics

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I woulda thunk they’d take longer

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No. 7? Personally I fucking LOVED it - I thought it was a bit derivative of Outlast but it had it’s own spin on it since Outlast didn’t give you any abilities to attack or defend yourself which got old after awhile. I really REALLY liked how deep the story went and how the first videotape reels you in. When you’re trying to speedrun it you’re practically stomping on the controller trying to skip it but that first playthrough you’re like ‘OH FUCK AM I THAT GUY??? WHERE’S CHRIS? WHERE’S JILL? WHERE’S FUCKING ANY OF THEM!’. I really liked that it was sort of a rebuilding of the storyline. A little less ‘boulder punch-y’ haha.

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I have to agree with you buddy

On another note the one I did not like was the dual player one…though I only gave it one shot and walked away

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