Extreme amount of bubbles in distillate? How to remove?

I mixed up 5 different batches last night all from the same oil, just different terps. I noticed one of the jars (Blueberry Kush) had an insane amount of bubbles in it that would not settle making it almost impossible to see through, none of the others did this. I tried leaving it in a hot water bath to cool over night to hopefully move the bubbles out but today when I woke up it looks exactly the same.

Any idea how to get rid of this/make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Thank you!

Leave the top loose/open, put on a heat mat (like for seeds) or a warm source. That will allow the air bubbles to move to the top and “purge” off/out.


Great thank you! I’ll give that a shot now fingers crossed

Dont use too much heat. You can always crack the top (this relieves pressure) and place on top of a grow light for heat.


Thank you! I’m going to throw it on my hot plate at 90F with the lid off for a bit and see if that helps. I’m hoping I didn’t fry/cook off anything last night when I was mixing my terps. My magnetic stirrer was shitting out and hardly spinning so I switched up my technique a bit to blend. Hoping I didn’t cook off the terps or fry the oil…

  1. Heat distillate to water consistency

  2. Poured in my terps and mixed profusely with a butter knife for 3 minutes/until the distillate began to harden again.

  3. Put lid back on the jars, brought a pot of water to a heavy boil then poured it into a plastic tub, set my mixed jars inside, then put the lid on the container and allowed the dist/terp blend to sit in that for 10-15 minutes each then removed and shook the hell outta them for 2-3 minutes.

  4. Lastly, put my shitty magnetic stirrer doing about 70RPM into the jars and allowed them to “mix” more on my hot plate/stirrer at 140F plate surface temp for 20-30 mins, picking them up and shaking heavily again at the 15 minute mark.


Edit: Forgot to ask, if I was going to see any separation in my terps/disty from a poor blend would I have seen it already in the jars now that it’s been about 24 hours?

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How long should I be looking for this to take? And what temp do you suggest? It’s been sitting on my hot plate at 100F with the lid off for the past 30-40 minutes and not a single bubble has moved or changed

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Do you have a vac chamber/oven? Or a Mason jar lid vacuum attachment? Once its heated enough that it moves slightly in the jar, the air bubbles should move to the top. If not, you may need to pull a vac to get them moving.

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I don’t unfortunately :pensive: I’m extremely low budget at the moment

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It may take a while then. If you put a stir bar back in a spin it up, that may add more air bubbles that get trapped.

Order a mason jar lid attachment online, and use a mighty vac hand vac like used for bleeding brakes. Ir use a diaphram vac pump and vacuum down. This will get the bubbles to the surface and “pop”.

Also, you’ll need to vac seal those jars before you get the RROD.


I’d grab a couple ml’s and add to a dab jar to see what it takes heat and time wise to get it cleared up.


I’m sorry RROD? Kinda new

red ring of death - caused in some cases by oxidation

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Oh I already had that in my source jars before I began everything? It just blended into the rest of the oil when in a water bath so I assumed it was all okay… is that an issue?

I also don’t plan on storing any of this in jars it was all supposed to go into carts today until I had these issues last night. Decided to hold off and make sure everything is good before I begin filling.

I’m at about an hour and a half at 100F on my hot plate with the lid cracked and I’m not seeing any sort of progress at all :confused:

Not sure why this is happening I did everything the same for all 6 jars… beyond frustrating

Throw the stir bar back in it, and bring that shit up to 60-80C for a little bit. Suck out hot, and hopefully after you shoot your carts the bubbles will work out of the carts. (I don’t know this to be fact, but that’s what I would in your situation.)

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Don’t terps begin to burn off at 120F? I could be completely wrong but I thought I had read this somewhere

Some of the more volatile ones sure. Keep your lid tight, and you’ll be mixing under pressure. In theory, you shouldn’t lose any, and they will re-condense. If your shit isn’t mixing you NEED MOAR heat…
Again, that’s what I would do. I don’t know if it’s right, or not. BUT I do know that my direction is based on everything I have read here

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Okay I’ll give that a shot thank you!

Also, at what point would I begin to see separation if my terps and disty didn’t blend properly? My stir bar was shitting out on me last night and I’m scared to fill my carts just to see them clouding and separating a few days later… it’s been over 24 hours since I mixed them the other day and I don’t see any sort of stringing or separating in my jars at this point

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Then you were able to properly homogenize those batches. I mix at at least 60C when I’m trying to homogenize my disty… I mix for less than 10 minutes and get good homogenization, but I’m only filling 10, or so at a time

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Ger yourself an ultrasonic cleaning bath

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