Extractor socks


I run a some in my 4x48. Purge all the solvent out of my material before i pull them out. If you have someone push from the other end with a dowl rod its easier. I’m looking at getting my next set from these guys.


I do use etho to wash them. I have started to not clean them. And just shake and rub them and they are usually good.

See. That’s what I’m talking about. If it was easy to navigate through, or if @GandalfTheGreen would give us more info on the matter. I’d be all about it. Because that is a great price to just use and toss. And how many do you have to buy at a time?


Using a sock cuts down what fits in the column significantly. I don’t think they are worth the extra time you waste having to do more runs. They are supposed to save time. But imo they dont


I’m not having a problem getting 6-6.5 #'s in my 4x48.


Sweet ima soak in the bin tom… ANd that CORLEE VALVE link is hilarious… Peoples comments on the pic are classic!! 6x18 for a 36" column. :joy::rofl:

THat said… I been running sockless for years and We ran the socks this week and It made a Huge Difference in cleanup etc… They slid right out the TOP even… Didnt even have to dissamble the bottom… And Im packing 2k-2400gms in the 6x36 sock NO issues.


I saw that fat weird thing. Does he have a good price on them?


I’ve been using socks for a year and have been wanting to for much longer


Huh. Are you powderizing your material?! I can’t do that without socks and I pack HARD


I can only get 5# per 4x48 ad thas packinf hard using a 3” column as mt packer


Why eould you powderize your material


No this is str8 trim. Good thing is i have witnesses. @killa12345 @Dred_pirate :grin::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


How else you fitting that much in a 4x48 lol


Need to be a :gorilla: with technique. That weight goes for Flower or trim. I’m thinking about that iron fist real hard. 50% more per run and about 20min fill/empty time