Extractor socks

Hey I sport the frankenRIG too! Nothing wrong with that at all! Someone laughed at me once for saying I thought a particular part looked more pretty and appealing lol!

I realize now, just a name to a certain extent! Plenty great off brand parts out there! I think I’m rocking about 5 different companies!


I’m certain mine is pure mutt, as well. An XD, OSS, nhogart, terpp extractor, bvv, swage valves, a couple hamlet, and nboler.


Have you had any tear from stems or whatever , I only run crude so it’s hshally got some small to medium seems in it. I’ve never used the socks before and about to order some and was just wondering if I should build another shaker table to clean it up a lil better. And who has the best and at the best price?

I haven’t yet. I run an assortment of material. I have put small tears in the top of them when I bang my packer against the tube (tapping really) to knock off kief when taking out the packer. But I stopped doing that. Otherwise, there are pretty durable for their price. Running crude, I guess you don’t pull your columns wet or do you recover most of your solvent and drying out the material

I hot vapor push, just wondering the durability of them, who has the best price for them

I have found that azpressco has a good price. Their 4" are only $13


How do u do the hot vapor push? I’ve started playing with it if the same thing

You need to have a multiple tube system, you just heat up the last column ran let it get to 80-100 psi and open it to the columns you just flooded and the only way for the hot vapor to escape is they the bottom of the column you are wanting to push. Or you can loop your pumps but it a lot less effective and slower

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I’ll check them out I need 6” though

They have those, too. There’s another thread here that I was on and some guy said he was getting em for like $2 or so. Can’t remember where he gets em, but I know the ones I get fit.

Knight corporation, or something or another he said. He thinks $13 is an outrage, apparently.

And I did take one out today dry after running crude, it slid out easier than expected

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13 is not bad considering what it worth in time will pay for its self in two tubes. I have bad service till the WiFi at the new spot is hooked so I can’t go looking around if you happen to see it tag me if you could I’d appreciate. Thanks for the feed back


It’s this company, from what I can see, but it seems like a hassle to know exactly what you need. They have some cool looking things. I don’t think $13 is bad, seeing how xd has em for $40~ and 710snob ones don’t fit and they are roughly the same the same price and his metal ones are half sized from what I hear.


I bought some of the xd ones too. They were a bitch at first but after a few tubes of trial and error my guys have them dialed. Just ordered 50 from that AZ company I’ll report back how they work!


the link is not working

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Stupid mobile platforms

I just ordered some from az press co, I’ll give you feedback as soon as I have some. So far customer service was excellent they charged me with shipping and shouldn’t have (I had no idea) and I was contacted within and hour of ordering telling me of there mistake and asked if I wanted a refund or just throw in an extra one, in my book that’s top notch he could have kept my 15$ and I never would have known.


Similar situation happened to me. They charged me for 6s instead of the 4s, I ordered a few of both, so they threw in another 4. They have pretty good service, that’s for sure. I wonder if they’ll jump into the alcohol bag washers as well…? Hhhmmmmm…? I have a disty guy starting at my work and he’s going to be using etho, I wonder if this will help


Do you clean your Socks with ethanol? The AZ Press Socks worked Great just wondering if there reusable if we clean them…And that knight corparation link is very confusing had no idea what i was looking for…:rofl:

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