Extractor socks


Please post any companys/websites that make extractor socks. Looking for 4inch wide. Thank you everyone.



Thanks a ton


I just got a few of these and am wondering about how effective they are. I already ripped one taking it out of the column, and I’m packing 25% less material than without them. is there a trick to packing them better? thanks


Are you pulling them out dry or wet


They definitely take a coup runs to figure out a couple tricks. I’ve torn a few as well. I’m glad they aren’t expensive, after more sleepy time I can give you a few


they’re pretty dry when I take em out cuz I have jacketed tubes for recovering, main thing I was bummed about is that I couldn’t seem to really pack enough in there, seems like going backwards at that point.


Weird. I don’t notice really any material loss. I still smoosh 2k+ in my 4x48 columns. I pull mine out when they are still wet (that’s what she said), I don’t care about the small amount of solvent loss. Give it a whirl, pull em out when the material is wet and they should slide out with ease, mostly


Do your socks fit to the walls of the column or is it smaller than the tube?


they don’t really seem to fit that well… I got em from Xtractor Depot and they wayyyyy more than those az press ones. so dumb, glad I only bought two from them. of course the consultants there at xd say people aren’t packing any less than normal.


I love their equipment because they have a lot of stuff. Get ahold of az press Co or bizzy bee. Bizzy’s socks have a lip over the triclamp so they stay over the column, which is nice. I plan on giving those a whirl and his are a good price, too. Less than $20, I think. The 710snob ones are small, too. Josh is pint sized so things seem bigger to him. Hahahahaha, that’s a joke, I only kid.


those look like they’re actually shaped correctly too…

which definitely makes getting it in the tube after packing easier.


ya I run mostly xd equipment and really like it all. its normally well priced but the socks not so much. never used any 710 stuff, I think ill hit bizzy up and try a few of those. other than the socks I was seeing some posts about some sort of press packer/unpacker. those could be cool


when I don’t recover with jackets I lose like 3lbs of tane, nobody else seems to have that experience, idk why


I use a packer. The XD one for 4" is perfect. Heavy duty pole, I’ve busted a different one twice. And the packer is a durable rubber. My current system is a XD and OSS love child


I do! Recovery is not to be overlooked, think about the bin full of spent material on the floor of your extraction room. If you lost 3lb per run and you did 10 cycles you could have 30lb of tane in your room, and never know. Ventalation and gas decetors keep you safe, but recovery of the solvent is essental. Especially when it’s an overhead cost! heath and wealth revolve around that!


I use 3”column to pack my 4” works like a champ and nothing to break and it packs it very even. About every 4-5 handfuls I pack, but I only put 5lbs exactly per column just for number reason, new machine I’m getting online in the next week is all 6”X40” so gotta order some socks Monday. I’m only crude so I don’t need a really small micron


ok glad I’m not the only one, (not glad that we’re losing all that tane tho) anytime I tell someone how much I was losing before I used jackets they were really surprised that I lost that much. that gas cost ads up quick! using jackets on columns correctly has saved me thousands of dollars.


ya my system is the same, xd and oss mostly with some swagelok, bhogart fucked me a while ago too so she’s got a little bhogart in her :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think I have a couple bho(no)gart columns, couple terpp extractor columns, xd ones, swage valves, too, from corlee. I would get site glasses from bizzy when I would be allowed. Parts from both OSS and XD. Certain systems are built complete are awesome. But, I also think that some of the best systems are built with parts from all over to suit the comfort of the extractor.