Extraction Math

Hey, ya’ll! Looking at starting an extraction lab here in Texas. Would anyone be willing to discuss what those numbers might look like with me? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks, ya’ll!


there are threads already on this topic. Use search


Please know that I’ve already looked through all I can find.

the numbers for cost of an extraction lab range between $20-several million. What are you asking exactly? What kind of extraction? what scale? Your question is extremely vague


Where in Tx

I’ve got a pretty good idea of how much crude we’ll be dealing with. I’m interested in making sure I’ve got no operational expenses missing and ensuring that my assumptions regarding Crude → Distillate are correct or at least somewhat accurate.

Why is it people with all the money want to start a lab, but have zero clue.
BUT, the people that dont have the money, KNOW how and what’s involved.

Oh wait, those would be paid consults!

Which there are many many qualified consultants on here that would gladly :spoon: feed ya all day for $.


Look man, I’m not interested in your bashing me for trying to learn and do things right. If you haven’t got any insightful input, take it on elsewhere.


If you want it done right it will cost you equity. The fiscal cost comes after.


We’ll be partnering with an existing lab, I’m just trying to nail down the financials for our own sake.

We’ll be close to San Antonio.

:man_facepalming:if you only told us that you were working with a lab in the first place.

In all seriousness, what finished product do you intend to make and what extraction method do you intend to use? Defining the endpoints will help you get betted feedback. For instance, I specialize in regulatory compliance and waste disposal.

We’ve got a retail shop w/ our own line - tinctures, vape, topicals, etc.

I’m fairly certain we’ll use an ethanol system for primary extraction & distillation as well.

Would love to talk about waste disposal if you’ve got the time.

Sure can. Dm me.

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We are coordinators for the HIA in Houston. Dm me.

Jinx :rofl:

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Have you scanned through Search results for 'crude to distillate' - Future4200 ?

There are several relevant threads…

The all knowing one suggests The Economics of Extraction - Cannabis Business Times

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I’ve done plenty of extractions in TX, with ETS before they came out with all the MEP stuff…

Also, I’ve been in and around SA for many years and know that place like the back of my hand… Where you thinking? Boerne? Comfort? Hopefully not in town, that would be a bad mistake. I’m about to buy about 60 acres out that way and plan on building a 16k sq ft facility next year… Times they are a changing.


Why not get their books and value their company?

I don’t know much but I have a good lab foundation and I’ve just put together a lab. I’ve spent a ton of bucks on it too but I’m ready to roll just about!