Extraction looks pasty

Can anyone put here help me with an issue I’ve been having, I’m running an ethos 4 and been having some issues lately. A photo below shows the oil, any help will do thanks.

Not becoming stable or crumble after whip?

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What consistency are you shooting for?

@Cheebachiefextracts didn’t really whip this is material out of a beaker.

@DUMPSTERFIREOG just looking purge rest of the ethanol from roto. So looking for just an oil consistency

do you know if the grower was using neem oil???


@Killa12345 I was thinking the same thing. Going to another run to see if consistency changes.


If not neem, the oil shows signs of some sorta foliar feeding. What kinda material? Im assuming outdoor cbd?


Outdoor thc, it’s old material from last year. I don’t think that would matter though I’ve ran older and it’s come out good. I was thinking maybe the ethanol was pulling water in and making it pasty like this.


you got a proofing gauge?

where in your process are we?
that material absolutely looks like you’ve been whipping it. if there was enough water in your oil to give that consistency, it should separate out and look more like my avatar than that goop you’ve got there.

to be consistent with “no whip” I would possit that it’s fairly fresh from your rotovap and you were spinning it at 100+rpm (ie whipping it).

tell us more about how you got here…and when you last reproofed your solvent.


Someone who understands me :metal:t3::man_shrugging:t3::ok_hand:t3: Lol

Water bath @ 40c
Rpm @ 70
Start vac @ 75 torr
Finish full vac

Solvent was fresh out the drum 200 Proof ethanol.

If you could elaborate on the reproofing of solvent.


Using reproofing mole sieves after your alcohol picks up water and checking it with a hydrometer

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What is your intended final product?

@Apothecary36 Full spectrum oil

I’m guessing this is an alkane solution but similar concept @BreakingDabs

I’m definitely following this thread so let us know how the next run turns out.

Thank you, I definitely will. Thanks for the insite everyone.

I would send this batch to crude and not full spectrum oil, looks like something weird might be in there.


Tell us more about your extraction process

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Here is what that pasty oil came out to be, crumble. Didn’t do much whipping except in the roto like @cyclopath mentioned.

Eho crumble!

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Damn thats dope lol