Extraction equipmens and stainless steel parts from Chinese Manufactuer


The first dewax system I ran was a sweet leaf elephant, like 3 or more tears ago. I know how to use em.


Get ahold of @Killa12345 he’s the man when it comes to extractors


You guys have a lot of competition and hopefully you aren’t here to just advertise because we will see right through it. Can you elaborate on the exact components younare capable of producing, and which components you have to outsource


Exactly @saquare_root_pharms, I sourced the equipment I needed direct when I decided to start extracting as I usually do. I met @Killa12345 by chance purchasing some parts online and off the bat I recognized his intelligence, experience and his value in this space. It just so happened that one of the people I was in communication with in China he had experience with. The rest is history as they say and would not buy SS thru anyone else. I actually made a mistake and didn’t consult with him before I ordered some miners and thank God bvv didn’t have the Stock on hand I needed. When I told him and he said he had them but I had to wait a little, I canceled the order. The value in doing business with someone like him with his experience does not have a price tag. :facepunch:


For years i was naive, now i work with 3 different factories and only buy parts from those factories that produce that specific part. I know exactly how it works there. This is a way i cut my costs 30% this year and able to offer prices near my chinese competitors with all the free consulting needed. The free consulting is probably worth more than the extractor.

And thanks as well @bg305. I knew the same after having conversations with you . I knew you would bring a different aspect to this forum and appreciate the stuff you have shared.


Communicate with myself and @Killa12345 here and we can get you the best system possible for your buck. And with training. And with clear extracts sop, once we get it locked in


and i second @Dred_pirate for the consulting. I know a lot of this stuff. I know passive extraction but this guys knowledge of passive extraction is on a whole other level and im not too proud to admit it; his is well beyond my comprehension and ive even asked for consulting from him recently. In my opinion, @Dred_pirate is the most knowledgeable person that has been open about this stuff. There are people that know themodyanamics like bizzybee, 710st, nboler, but none are as open on moving the community forward as @dred_pirate. There are people i see that have this down but this guy gets it and gets it right! I got tons of admiration for you as a survivor first and second a concentrate maker. Thanks for everything.

and i didnt come here to gain business. As you can see from the whole first year here…i posted links to my compeitors and still do. Im a concentrate maker tha just happen to see a need for a more personal relationship in this. Im not perfect, my business isnt perfect either. If i can help some people source cheaper stuff…than im happy to help…if not i post up the link to a competitor with the cheapest price cause god knows ive researched it.

Im happy just learning to make clear concentrates and talking shop.


Recently tried purchasing from this supplier and was sent wrong tracking. Got ignored for few days when asking about right tracking. Finally was told product was never even sent. Would not buy from them


Just shoot @Killa12345 a PM for best results.


Just did got lid delivered in 2 days for better price then anywhere else


Best value vacs steel products are produced by a company called KST steel in whenzou industrial district; China. And can easily be found on alibaba.com


100% for sure bvv doesn’t use KST in Wenzhou and KST is a trader not a factory. :man_facepalming:t3:


You are wrong on both fronts. I partnered with best value not too long ago to produce and organize a supply line for an upgraded product.

And Bill-KST steel co is in fact a manufacturer NOT a trader.




They do source some parts out of house tho, hence the distributer/ trader tag attached to them quite often.


I was quoted 2100$ on the 30 gallon jacketed reactor best value sells for 8k


OK…bro…i guess your right and i have no clue. LOL IF you think this is a factory… I suggest you go to Wenzhou and see for yourself…


Bill-KST is a trader. I BUY ALL MY CLAMPS FROM THEM. Dont believe me. Here is the last 3 months of clamp purchases.

Guess im spending 10s of thousands a year with companies i have no clue are! Thes is not even my stainless purchases. I think before misleading the forum into purchasing stainless from companies not capable…You do your research and go there.


NONE of those factories make them reactors…Especially not Bill-KST. And just cause you paid 3K dont mean thats the factory. Next time ask them for a walk threw. Show you their shipping department.

Maybe you know today their sales manager Coco is at the Dr. LOL


Quite funy actually as The sales managers name is sally.

I have been working with their company for over 7 years and have actually had the pleasure of touring their valve (valves are not up to hydrocarbon standards but suitable for ethanol) and spool facility on more than one occasion.

So to correct you once more, “those” factories actually do make “them reactors” LOL

What, did you think some type of stainless steel stork just came along and drop shipped them to your house? :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


no, cause i buy my stainless from an actual factory not a trader.

You can see i did business with them yesterday.

If you want to mislead the forum to an inferior stainless maker. Go right ahead. You can see over 10k worth of receipts from the last 3 month above. I can show you stainless orders and invoice for 100s of thosands… Where is the payments for this 7 years of business. I see an invoice.

i find what your saying comical. You have anything new to show off?? So Sally is the sales manager you say right???

Whats this…

Oh that is from right now. Thanks for contributing! We conduct business “in real life bro”

Once again…the proof is in the pudding…everyone here knows my business and what i do…my website and all…what about u??


Sorry if I gave up your supplier DoH :man_facepalming:

But by now in the supplier market it should be well known that KST steel produces tri clamp parts at one time or another for the majority of large scale manufacturers.

Wether for R&D for small batch orders.

Only a fool would expect 100% consistency from a Chinese supplier, this I will give you.

And you say clamps do you?

Care to show an invoice?

I get the sneaky feeling you are ordering more than clamps from them LOL