Extraction equipmens and stainless steel parts from Chinese Manufactuer


I have learned much knowledge about extraction from this forum.Thanks for sharing!
Does anyone purchase closed loop extractor or stainless steel parts from China?


Why do you ask?


I was thinking about building a system. I figured best value vacs possibly be made in china


because they are an chinese extractor company. i think a trader not a factory… I actually bought some sample from this company last year right after chinese new years. I dont remember who i dealt but i will say 1/2 of my order was fulfilled with cheaper version of the parts i normally buy…i bought some closed bottom spool and some other parts to test as i was having issues with my current supplier at the time. The versions all sent were round bottom instead of the flat bottoms i requested. I was told it would be more money for the parts i wanted which would bring the cost of the parts over my current supplier. They did wrap them in these cool felt packing. That i did like but really the parts i got were not the ones i ordered.

Only dealt with them that one time because im not one for a bait and switch game.

Welcome to the forum @sunthaiextractor. I hope you this forum helps you realize how these extractors are operated and helps improve your business.


We are manufacturer from China.Working with some USA ,CANADA clients.supplying many extractor parts,closed loop extractors,extractor vessels


You are a manufacturer can you build custom pieces yourself and can you post pictures of your shop thanks


We produce some similar stainless steel extractor kits


So they pulled a fast one on you. Sounds pretty shady to me



Can you post a picture of yourself in your factory holding a spoon


We can do better in future


I got somewhat the things i ordered but i know the difference and pricing on most of this stuff. They sent me the cheap stuff rather than build a solid relationship…then told me the stuff i really wanted would be much more. if you think im BSing. Here is a copy of my invoice. This was bought on 3/7/18 If the seller wants to see if i actually purchased their parts.


I say they make it right they can do it here on the forum for all of us to see. If not I’d say that is a pretty shady thing to do

And also I think they need to post a picture in their shop holding a spoon


im good with what i received. Sometimes a $700 sample order is a way to determine who is a real manufacturer or a trader. I get palletts of this stuff. Its better to wholesale off some parts cheap than make a mistake with a supplier worth 10s of thousands.

i dont need anything else from this supplier. Im just telling you my experience. Ive given you @square_root_pharms one of my suppliers i feel confident can build you anything you want. I know @BG305 has also gotten quotes from that supplier before we even communicated as we shared that other coincidence.

I think given time…i could even get a trader to post naked in a factory so holding a spoon is gonna be no problem.


If anyone here knows it’s you. That does indeed sound like how a trader would operate. I would only believe a spoon picture if it got posted in the next 5 minutes otherwise any old person can walk to the stainless factory in post a picture of themselves

I was talking to @BromaW-Manager about there nutsche or buchner is what they really are filters. But there is no mechanism to hold the filter paper into the buchner without possible channeling so these aren’t really that great


it is 10pm in Wenzhou right now so that might be a bit difficult.

Ive done a lot of business in that city over the last 3-4 years. When i really just started ordering from Wenzhou, These large factories didnt sell extractors…let alone knew what they were. They didnt have a team for that stuff. Now a lot have dedicated teams for this industry. They still dont know how dangerous they can be otherwise the parts would never leave defective in some cases but hey they are improving.

The fact that @sunthaiextractor is here is a bright sign. I hope they really learn our industry and they arent just using this site as a way to spam. if they can improve based on what they read here…Thats fucking awesome. Its more than most are doing in that city. But if they are here to spam and just sell cheap parts well…thats probably not gonna work.


Those Chinese factories never sleep LOL hell I work till 10 all the time



Someone bought base with round bottom,while some prefer flat bottom. We’ve realized that the flat bottom base is popular.and we also produced a lot of flat bottom bases.
We are a small factory,also a trader.There are so many products that one factory can not be able to produce.Anyway,we have strong relationship with factories.You are naive if you think that your orders were 100% produced by your current supplier.We are not shame to trade on somethings.
I am on this forum to learn about the extraction industry,while I admit I WANT TO SELL MORE&MORE PRODUCTS


I’m really going like this form I tell u. Just what I have all ready been reading earlier. On top of feed back I’m seeing for advice. I can’t wait to get a system. I been running 5. 2’’ tubes cut holes through ice chest put legs on it pack dry ice in there close the lid and stand up over my tray. Then I been able to pull lot of the waxes out with a bent stainless steal scraper by running it across the bottom of tray slowly the to the oven. So I’ve been saving and I always pick any one’s brain on everything I get in to when I get the chance so this going be awesome


Now I possibly have a chance to pick a sweat leaf 5 lb system. But I been looking at ways to build one and what are the true dewax systems are