Explosion reported at GenCanna extraction facility


Here come harder regulations boys…


oh dang… wonder what solvents went kapow… I’ll put a crisp $100 bill it was pentane


Yeah this is a BIG operation with 160 employees. Luckily no one was injured.

I’m very curious as to the cause. You gotta really fuck up or have the worst luck to cause an ethanol extraction lab to explode.

Edit: I bet it was pentane while they were growing shards


This was a type 6 facility?

I’m assuming so, most industrial scale hemp processors use ethanol, because that’s how the consumer demands it be made.


It was probably MariMed saving face on their dead investment and collecting some insurance payout; they’re a dumpster-fire of a company from the looks of their stock valuation over the past year.

So yeah it was sparks from the dumpster-fire stock that set off the explosion :thinking:

MariMed will tell investigators Mexican Joker was responsible for the explosion on the advice of their council.


They use CO2 at Gencanna.

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Good to know. Thank you!

I’ve never had the opportunity to do Supercritical extractions but would love to experiment with it, correct me if I’m wrong but ethanol is still used the process flow of supercritical CO2 processing.?

And I’m sure they’re making isolate so they probably have some fun volatile alkanes on hand.

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Yeah? And how do they winterize?

EDIT: David beat me to it with less sarcasm and more detail- point is any lab doing any form of processing is gonna be chock full of volatiles and toxic solvents of all sorts- the whole “co2 extraction is saaaaaferr” is a marketing crock


And just like that, the $13mil in construction liens just got paid for by the insurance company…


I highly doubt their CO2 machine exploded. Unless it was shady in house engineering that led to an issue, there should be rupture discs that prevent any type of event like that.

Solvent, pressure, and heat are the obvious culprits in a fiery explosion. Improper storage of containers is likely, or as it’s been stated, it was done intentionally. If anything, it seems odd that no one was in the lab at the time. Everyone goes to break and kaboom? Not impossible by any stretch of the imagination, but, weird.


If you ask me, it’s pretty hard to cause an explosion if you know what you’re doing


I used to work at a facility that marimed did all the consulting and equipment purchases for. I can confirm that company is in fact, a dumpster fire. Very little/poor planning when it came to equipment purchases, as well as simply incorrect training on many processes, forcing me to reach out to equipment suppliers and other people in the industry that I trusted for guidance.

Thats just my experience though!

I asked them personally at the state fair what they use and they said “we do it all”. Which I assume implies ethanol and everything related.

Either way they’re either cooking meth to pay the bills or want a big insurance payout

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“We do it all”


“I don’t know the answer to that I’m a goon who they sent to run a tent at a fair”


idk he looked knowledgeable. no way to verify his claim for sure. But I would assume that a multi-million dollar company like them does indeed “do it all”.

Though I guess technically now their net value is around -13 million. Which would make sense if you only did CO2 :crazy_face:

What sucks is that these guys are supposed to be the example in KY and now they’ve made a big fuck up

Maybe KY should start looking to CA for examples on fire code


Dumpster fire.

Putting $5 on a heat gun