Expert witness needed- Ohio criminal case- Hemp/cannabis growers, budtenders/, smokers anyone in region with cannabis and hemp experience

I’m a criminal defense attorney out of Ohio. Ohio legalized hemp in 2019. With the legalization of hemp, this has made it (in my opinion at least) that the smell of hemp/cannabis alone isn’t probable cause that a crime has been committed.

Looking for anyone with experience in the HEMP and CANNABIS industries who can say that without testing it’s impossible for law enforcement to tell the difference between hemp and cannabis based off of smell alone. Growers, budtenders, former law enforcement, really anyone in the Ohio/michigan regions
with experience in the industry of hemp and marijuana who is willing to write a report, travel to Ohio for one day to testify in a suppression hearing.

Smokers and conniseurs of both hemp and marijuana potentially could work as well, but I’d prefer the experience above, reach out just in case!

Will be compensated*
Dm me if your interested thank you


Shared on Instagram. God bless your client.


He’s no angel, but our demons can make saints out of all of us . Thank you!


I’m no angel but no one should go to prison for weed. Alleged weed


The question is, due to the legalization of hemp, did law enforcement lose the ability to search a car based off the hemp/ weed smell alone.

If they can search a car carte blanche based off smell, then the fourth amendment doesn’t appear to protect people who enjoy hemp.

If they can’t search the car based off smell alone, then it’s going to be a battlefield in the criminal defense arena. By my rough estimate 90 percent of warrantless searches have came from the smell of marijuana alone.


Wish i could help. Fuckin get’em.


If you have grown both hemp test below 0.3 percent, and marijuana you could help!

Or if you have legally sold both hemp (below 0.3) and marijuana that has been tested .

The dream witness Is someone with a law enforcement background, with experience in hemp and cannabis

Your experience could qualify you as an expert who could help!

I specifically said Ohio and Michigan because these are closest. But if you want to help and are farther I’m sure it could be arranged

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@kcalabs do you have hemp terpene profiles that display the aromatic compounds?

@TheGratefulPhil whatchu got on hemp terps?

@PharmExOregon you have lab tested, hemp derived terpenes!! The jury gets one whiff of those and that’s your case.


In California they did

The smell of weed alone isn’t probable cause

I’d definitely go with this argument

How the fuck can you search a car based off of smell?

That’s insane


Typically it takes 1 case to switch the status quo, hopefully Ohio sees eye to California with this one.


Pro tip: don’t lead with “Let’s be like California”. You want to ease into that real, real gentle like.


I’m originally from Ohio…

Whereabouts are ya located?

Especially considering they make cannabis smelling body sprays.

Skunk cabbage smells a LOT like cannabis/hemp.

Being a master herbalist, I could put together a concoction of flowers/herbs that a K9 would hit on (we tested the theory on my buddies brother in laws K9 drug dog).


Has jury selection been conducted yet? If so, is it possible to get the demographics on the 12? May be able to find someone that’s relatable.


Stark county (Akron Canton area). No jury selection , going in front of a judge to figure out if the evidence was illegally obtained (no probable cause)


Originally from the Carrollton area so fully aware of how bad LEO is out there.

Sneaky bastards.

If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. Any chance to make the government look like the money hungry assholes they are, I’m all in.

I do both medical cannabis and have a licensed hemp facility as well. Would also give me a chance to go hit the ole’ stomping grounds again :grin:


Sounds like @HeisenbergInd is your guy…


The thing is, there are legal cannabis/ hemp facilities across Ohio.

What if he came from a facility manufacturing either?

We have CBDa terps from hemp at LOD THC that our CBD vape guys use.

@Patsykilledtony was this “detected” through the officer originally then K9 brought in or did it not make to the K9 part of the circus?

Was this Stark County, Canton, Akron, Louisville, Massillon cops?

Basically “big” city or “small” town?


It all depends on the type of stop

The Supreme Court ruled that LEO have 7 minutes to establish probable cause in a traffic stop, and if they can’t establish probable cause in that time they’re not supposed to search the vehicle

This all stemmed from a case where a tweaker got stopped for speeding and they called the drug dogs, the dogs found meth. When it went to court the tweaker said they couldn’t search him as it violated his right unreasonable search and seasure. The Supreme Court ruled that the 7 minutes he had to wait for the dog didn’t invade his right to unreasonable search and seasure, if it would have take any longer then it would have been illegal

If you want me to find the case I can, the pot brothers at law posted this case and I read threw it


The reason I asked is if you take skunk cabbage at its most ripe stage, a K9 will hit on it because of its aromatic properties.

If a dog (who’s scent is 10,000x more sensitive then the human olfactory sense of smell), can be fooled, its pretty easy to fool a human.

Ever light a cigarette (or been around someone who has) and catch a whiff of burning pot?

I get the 7 minute rule (still bullshit). I’m just getting at the whole “if hemp is legal below the .3% threshold, and marijuana (even though decriminalized recreationally, legal up to a certain amount medically if you are a card holder in Ohio) contain the similar terpene profiles, how is that decades old warrantless search reason still viable today?

Shit… I’ve farted and the wife swore I had a dead body in the trunk.

But, did I have a dead body in the trunk or just have flatulence (due to her cooking) that smelled like I was driving around with a corpse in my car? :thinking::grin::joy:

Look up the DEA training course “Operation Pipedream”. There’s a fucking joke of a “course”. Same as the Reed Technique taught to LEO to get the “truth” from a suspect (AKA: solicit confessions… true or false).