Exotic Strains

I’m wanting to purchase seed genetics. Came from a Bodi , sssc and Bro’s Grimm world. Still love classics but I’m very interested and somewhat overwhelmed by all the new offerings of emerging seed companies.
I still believe the new names are just offspring of the old seeds I’ve collected.
But I’m entering a new era of life that hopefully lets me play for$$$.
Put my money where my mouth is.

I like to talk smack a my outdoor skills. I’m a cure nazi…
brushing up on organic chemistry to play ultimate extraction scientist…lol

I’m picky, quality control freak. Plus prosumer enthusiast.

With having seclude land, unique micro climate. Aquifer, pumps. 2 Greenhouses And 2 underground rooms. I’m Wanting to prove my skills.

Indoors haven’t grown in 30yrs. I’ll veg outdoors and flower sog 6-12” clones for perpetual harvest inside. The Outdoor flowering is for dry sift hash and pretty cleeeene oil. Fresh frozen and dry cured. Collected, smashed/low heat and cure again.

Business strategy is selling to a few close dispensary sellers. Friend owners who smoke my outdoor. I trade my coffins for their sweet amnesia haze bho shatter. Omg tasty.

So I’m looking for a way to classify, identify or determine “exotic strains”.
It was anything Thai in yrs past…lol. I can handle any growing challenges except 22 week flowering times. But I’m a sucker for exotic limeon sativas!

1 1/2 man show. Wish to pocket $50-75k realistic. Automate everything.

Which newer strains? Tastes vs classics? Looks (I’ve grown beautiful)?




There’s a holy grail og kush pheno that shits on most stuff ive ever seen.


Anything from in house genetics and sun grown genetics turns out kill.

Dungeon vault genetics and relentless genetics Are also good.

I’m rocking some from all of them this summer.


I second Dungeon Vault.

Unfortunately OP missed the Seed Junky era which really takes the “cake” on new pretty genetics

Thug Pug and Capulator have some trendy stuff too


Why did seed junky stop releasing seeds?

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How does one learn the thc percentage of these strains when shopping?

thats not really what makes a strain exotic but you can Google the strain and see if any dispensaries carry them and check the corresponding coa


Thanks. What exactly does exotic mean? And why is everyone so excited over 18% stuff when there are strains in the neighborhood of 30%? Is this a culture thing, in that people who want strong thc just smoke concentrates?

I have a few unreleased strains that Iv been working on for a few years now. Cherry scuffins is a S1 cherry pie x kandy18 cross kandy18=(Kandykush x OG 18 from DNA. Finishes early bug resistant huge dense purple nuggets. Also crossed sling blade from jinx prof onto the Kandy 18 for similar results. Sling blade is afgoo x pre98 bubba.



That is the question, what does Exotic mean. I have saw this term thrown around for the highest price is paid for wholesale cannabis.

At our state we have a few expert connoisseurs purchasing for dispensaries. That’s my death. I’ve been able to full multiple dispensaries with my outdoor crop. They could not tell me those indoor outdoor or light Depp. It was after a six-month tour. Smelled like limes. Perfect white ass etc. etc. But like I said I have a council 30 very nice borderline exceptional plants over the past decade.

It’s exotic the work, taste, do you see email, the terpene profile, I just like what I like. And that’s what I wish to sell. I don’t need to sell truckloads to reach my goal. My business model is deliver exceptional product and you’ll be just fine.…
It’s excite the work, the taste, to see your mouth, the terpene profile, I just like what I like. And that’s what I wish to sell. I don’t need to sell truckloads to reach my goal. My business model is deliver exceptional product and you’ll be just fine.…

Seeing Dank genetics with Scott OG and goes Haze is what’s got my interest up…

In the past I’ve grown out many Subcool tga in the past.
Amnesia Haze is a fav too.

The flood of new happened in the 5 yrs of the classic school in my world. Continuing to research the new. The loss was aroun the wedding cake, fruity pebbles eat hit the scene. Terpines too. So you never knew what you got. Turpines give me a headache.

So many sellers. Thc farmer, speakeasy seeds, and others.

Thus the reason for this post!


Put thc farmer in the absolute WORST place to buy anything from. Unless you like getting scammed and ripped off

Great lakes genetics


Typos, sorry. Wife was banging me about something and I sent before a proof read. Siri has a limited cannabis vocabulary…lol

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I usually ordered direct from Subcool. Others from Ultimate Seedbank UK.
Pain in butt to get $$$.

I would say an exotic strain is something no one else has or is rarely seen, you have your classic old school exotics that people thought to be dead and gone, then you have all the new stuff coming out and all the crosses in between, just rare genetics in general.


@ jinxproof on ig is a tga breeder that’s where I got the sling blade

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Subcool sent breeder testers. I had some wild ones there.
Man some mutants I had survive…wow

Ultimate Seedbank sent great freebies too!

So in my mind is there any exotic beautiful wild mutant like strains?

I’m sure they would lean toward the exotic equatorial sativas. But what about weird looking indica’s or hybrids?

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Your 0 for 2 currently.
Thc scammer and subfool


Dyude, just asking…
I know a lot of people didn’t like some cool. I’m not in its personalities… His gear grew just like Bodi and brothers Grimm.
It looks like exotic is a genre. Thrown around like see chunking and pollen.

Subcool freebies made me a lot of money over the years. But so has SSSC Northern Lights. First harvestable strain whit much Thai genetics. Loved the lime phenos.

Bodi’s new run has some Interesting babies. I think I can make my own exotics. Just wanted to ask a question and make sure I was it totally in right field. It looks like common sense will get me where I need to be.

I can vouch that homie has some pretty bomb strains!

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