Exotic Plants & Flower Pics. NO cannabis or hemp

So I wanna see all the wild and crazy plant and flower pictures from things your actually growing! Post em up

I’ll start off w a few my broken leg got me back into things I planted last year or 2nyears ago

These are my 3 yr old Amaryllis…I think I have some white ones too

I wanna learn how to cross pollinate and can u cross things like lillies and Amaryllis

Next some.my lillies that’s been opening since mothers day

These have green flower pods w purple tips that turn into this don’t remember which ones
They this now

and haven’t opened yet so idk yet i will.update
I was supposed to get a tiger Lilly bc mine died and frilled tiger Lilly w white ruffle edgess

Next my knockout roses

The next ones on day will be focal point tress Chinese wisteria trees not vines they make small trees that bloom beautiful blue blooms can’t wait for this to get into he ground

These idk what are my aunt gave to me but its pretty


Bottom pic is a petunia, probably one of the wave ones


Last picture (hanging basket) is a petunia. Super easy to grow and will bloom until the frost kills it. They are annuals, and if you pick back the buds when blossoms die, you’ll end up with 2 flowers for every one you pinched off.


In the summer of 2018, I grew mostly cut flowers for the farmers market. You can see some ornamental peppers in the pic as well.



Always name what they are im looking for more flowers to grow @Capttripppp bc im not.in tune w all these yet

I really love the special exotic ones


They’re all dahlias except for the second to last 1 which I can’t remember what it’s called.
I’ve got tons of photos of all kinds. Just have to go through them. I’ve got a couple of photos I won photo competitions with. All different kinds I just have to go through them.


Lil secret my mom told me about peonies

Ants have to eat the outer shell for them to open thats why u see ants all over them


Those are dahlias, except for one. My pic above is a dahlia as well. I only grew them one year.


Mambo peppers! I love it!


Is this true I was always told this

Internet says folklore that they will open without ants!


I agree with @Autumn_Ridge_Hemp, those are all dahlias. It’s my wife’s favorite flower. We currently have 20 varieties we’re growing, but it’ll be a while yet before they bloom. They’re just peeking out of the ground now.

Edit: I buy them from Swan Island Dahlias here in Oregon. They ship anywhere in the nation. Highly recommend!


Thanks. Chile conga is the name of that ornamental pepper. They are tiny plants. There are three in that small hanging basket. It is a wild variety I got from seed swaps.

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These may not be exotic enough, but I have fractal flashbacks if i start looking too close for to long


These are peonies:

Happen to have a few around my yard. They smell great, too. Oh, and no ants on any of them. Haha


So who’s the carrion flower plug?


That’s the one. I didn’t grow them, they were ornamentals in one of the downtown parks in Anchorage.
I was able to edit it, so it reflects the correct name. I prefer orchids myself, but we know this

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whoa whoa whoa…this is what I mean exotic…have u seen the black lillies or orchards it much be w whiskers that look like bats

By wtf are these @breadwinner my favorite yet!


Man that’s old wives tail Google says their beautiful…ours stay covered in ants though till blooms like they eat the hard shell

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Passion flowers! Theres some crazy ones, they all look like aliens, I’m glad you like them