Evaporation Topic/Category?

Can we add Evaporation to this list or add it to a category?

Put it to a vote?

Should the addition of an Evaporation Category/Topic be added to F4200?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Who Gives a Shit

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Wouldn’t that be included in the solvent recovery category?

This doesn’t need a poll…lol


I’m upset I couldn’t vote for both “No” and “Who Gives a Shit”.


nooooooooooo wouldn’t let me edit the poll, was totally trying to make it so you could.

We could add it to solvent recovery.

Like modify the title to say Evaporation/Solvent Recovery?

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Is there solvent recovery that doesnt involve evaporation???

Yeah, there is.


Screenshot (66)

Can we add a description that involves saying something clever with the word evaporation? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Im not opposed. Keywords are keywords


Go on?..



Im still pretty unknown to there functionality. They specifically rely on mesh to separate clean recovered solvent?

The membrane itself captures everything else?

Not a fan for our industry so far, but love that people are pursuing evolving it.

I keep thinking about cold traps, rotary and falling film evaporators

There’s people more qualified to speak on membranes here than me, I’ll leave it for them.
edit - what I was responding to was edited before the window so my response looked dumb


Im just curious if they can separate everything but the solvents. Like evaporators. Or if anything slips thru

You have to leave some solvent or the solution’s viscosity will increase to a point that you plug/foul the membrane.

So you cannot remove all the solvent from an cannabis extract with a membrane. You could however remove all of the solvent from another liquid if the viscosity doesn’t change to the point of plugging a membrane.


Hell if we purged from solvent recovery only. :nauseated_face:

Falling films and rotos you dont want to remove all either. So im misunderstanding. Its not the final purge process ever in my mind.

But: does a membrane catch everything else. Making a pure separation of solvent is all im asking.

Is the solvent clean of material? Color? Etc

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It’d be nice if someone invented a heat gun that went as low as 100°f and as high as 280°f

Smart ass me: Double points if your Google-fu finds a UL listed one. There’s no low temp ones or digital low temp ones.

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Still havent had the chance to do a wax run front to back so excuse my ignorance. What is the normal last step of the purging process, vac oven?


In my universe ovens definitely arent for recovery but purging. Vac oven yaknow!?

Distillate is a different story.

Dat shit cooks

I suppose a little cold trap ovens recover a bit but stilllllll

My question is: is the solvent recovered from a membrane… solvent only?

Thatd be fascinating to see.

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So straight out of the FFE, WFE, etc. into some glass ware and then straight into the oven while warm?