Etoh supplier

Who’s got the plug on 50 gal drums??

what about 5 gallon? 1 gallon?

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I’ve been using to make the hippies happy. given the way prices on crude are dropping, that will have to end soon, or I’ll need to over-clock my CUP to get more solvent back.

710sprits have a heptane denatured formula that avoids the taxation associated with beverage grade EtOH

as does Carbon Chemistry (@Shadownaught)

If you’re in CA, you might run into issues with:

§40223. Ethanol Extractions
(a) Ethanol used for extractions or for post-extraction processing shall be food-grade

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Thank you! I should have mentioned I am in WA

Does 710 Spirits service the California market?

does the heptane come out with the etoh? or would there be residual left over after alcohol recovery? obviously it would be gone long before thc fraction in distillation… does the residual even matter really?
do you or anyone you know have experience with this product?

i’m looking to make the switch from bho to cold alcohol extraction for crude. we would then then rotovap, then distillation.

If your end point is distillate, then I’d say it was a good choice. at least from an economic stand point.

My end point is crude => tincutures and edibles atm, so I haven’t used it. pretty sure there is a WFE on order, so I imagine the topic will become more relevant in my world fairly soon.

I expect where it ends up would depend on exactly how you do your ethanol recovery.

BP is only a smidge under that of water at 98.42oC, so it will come out pretty much when you start to remove the water.

Knowing where it ends up in your process seems wise given the msds.

It’s a tad more toxic than ethanol, and it’s got a flash point below 0C. You don’t want to be huffing it, or venting it through the wrong pump/ventilation system. If it ends up in your cold trap during devolatilization, you want to know what you’re dealing with. If your pumps are ingesting it, you want to know they’re up for it, and where they vent.

haven’t gone there…definitely trying to wrap my head around it.

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Ty for the shout out.

Yes we have all the major liquid solvents and deliver nationwide.

We do!

I’ve got the hook up on drums and down packing. any and all etoh, as well as other solvents.

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@Shadownaught I can’t find your website! it’s too common a name to google. Can you link me pls?

@CannaChemistry can you link me or message me?

ty friends

@midsfactory We will be using a website soon but for the last couple years we have operated through personal B2B relationships and email communication.

Until we get a website going you can always email to start an account, get a product listing, and put in an order.

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Yes. They have a place in SoCal and NorCal. I’ve gotten 105 gallings from them recently.

If you guys needs solvents in Cali come stop by the shop.
I can get any solvent you’ll need but we stock 1,5, and 55gal drums of ethanol denatured with heptane and 5 gal of straight heptane. We’ll match or beat any prices out there on solvents. We also got the real deal Florasil (PR grade) at a good price and big columns to match