Ethos 4

Does anyone have any experience with ethanol extraction using the Ethos 4 by Capna? If so how’s your color/clarity? I’m using it exactly how they suggest, and my crude is still very dark. I have to de-color if I plan to use as an amber oil. Any recommendations on a process for a lighter crude?

What are your parameters for extraction ?

one gallon per pound, -60C temp, 5, 30second washes

You’re washing the same biomass 5-times? Are you using denatured ethanol or food-grade? Are you using a rotary evaporator to reclaim? Are you filtering at all before reclaiming? If so, are you filtering cold or warm?

And is your biomass also frozen to what temp ?

Yeah, having a similar issue. We have chalked it up to poor trim though.

Look forward to getting some insight into this.

We may just move on to a Delta, being as the Capna doesnt offer a large enough throughput.


@bkatz have you checked out @TheLostBiologist’s ethanol extraction SOP?

@Merv I suggest you start here: Ethanol Extraction White Paper

there are also a number of options other that the CUP as far as spinning your biomass to remove solvent. or actually extract in the centrifuge.

@Roguelab & @coppertop have asked the appropriate clarifying questions.

it might be your input. 3 year old barn find is going to require clean up.


I’ve uses the ethos 6 in a lab before. The problem with it is your material MUST be completely dry and you have to make sure your solvent stays cold enough to not pull chloraphyll. When you move the solvent through the system you use vacuum, when you break open the system to bleed the vac it introduces warm air. This warm air raises the temp of the ethos ALOT. We started using dry ice inside the ethos to help keep it cool because of how easy the thing heats up.


Can you define “a lot”? Were you ever able to quantify it?


Not really, every day the temp was different outside so it differed. Within 3 runs the thing was usually too warm to not pull chloraphyll. You need to monitor your solvent temp, just because the freezer on the unit says -75 doesnt mean the solvent is. You have to stay below about -72 at all times or you get that green.


Bump. I also would look to hear what people have to say about the ethos from capna.

Do you centrifuge your spent biomass?
Do you dehydrate your biomass before putting it in the ethos?
Do you filter the end product before putting it in a roto vap?
How does the end product look, color, canabinoid percentage?
Do you like the ethos?
Thanks! :smiley:


There are more used Capna systems on the secondary market than any other manufacturer. Biggest complaints are price tag, footprint, low throughput, and the fact that you still need to use a centrifuge to recover the remaining solvent from the biomass. Since the centrifuge is at room temperature, you pick up a bunch of the crap you didn’t in the first process. This means you now have two separate process flows - significantly complicating your workflow.


I think capna should make an Ethos 8 and have it have a built -in centrifuge literally only thing it’s missing.

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Dry ice inside the bag along with the material?

No, dry ice in the ethanol holding cells to chill it down to temp faster. We would run out of alcohol and our freezer would only get to -40, so we would have to wait for the ethanol to chill in the ethos. Dry ice can speed this up bigtime

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Does anyone feel comfortable sharing their SOP or video for operating the ethos 4. I am thinking about purchasing one but I want to see it in use first. The videos that Capna puts out doesn’t explain the actual operation of the machine, just the concept.

Check out our used equipment section. You’ll find more unused Capna for sale than anything else.

If you haven’t read this Ethanol Extraction White Paper, I suggest you start there.


If you want to see how they work, you can contact them and they will do a video chat with you and show you operational videos.

Neat system, missing a centrifuge to dry the material itself. You be in 20-30k more on that system then something like the CUP or ACE that will do a more efficient job.

Has anyone tried to grinding the trim before extraction? And does anyone freeze their trim prior?

Yes, if you grind the trim then you wont have enough alcohol to soak it properly. 5 to 6 pounds is the perfect amount on the ethos 6, never used the 4.

Dont get it IMO get a cup or an ace spinner.