Ethanol vs 710 Spirits - lipid solubility

Hey y’all, first post here.

I’m currently using cold ethanol to isolate CBD from hemp, and considering making the switch to 710 spirits for the extraction. -28C is as cold as I can get for now. What I’m not sure of is how this will effect downstream cleanup, specifically winterization. Has anybody noticed a difference in lipid solubility with respect to these two solvents? Any practical observations?


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Am curious myself. Saw their booth at MJbizcon but didnt have time to speak with them

I requested more info from them directly but have not yet heard back.

Their website claims they have clients who have successfully switched over to their blend with minor adjustments to their process. I’m curious to know what those adjustments were. Although minimal, I’m also curious to know if anyone has encountered issues with seals or warranties being voided due to the Heptane in the blend - Dont believe the DS CUP unit is rated for any alternative solvents.

Not sure if you’ve seen it but figured i’d direct you to this recent thread…


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Our denatured clients have had zero problems using CDA12 (ATF formula code for 95%EtOH/5%heptane) as a drop in replacement for pure ethanol. As you may see in other posts, it isn’t the “best” solvent system for winterization, but the extraction parameters are equal.