Ethanol recovery pumps similar to trs?

Do these exist? Would it be worth making something like this? Let’s say someone does a nitrogen assisted ethanol extraction in a closed loop extraction unit. Are there any pumps that can pump ethanol vapors back into a stainless steel recovery tank??

If you have a bottom drain stainless steel base you could pour the ethanol over the material in a column then hook a hose up to the bottom of your base going to a rotovap and use vacuum to have it go right into a rotovap. Even better to do the extraction cold and have it go through filtration and into the rotovap!

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Most industrial recovery units can
With ptfe gaskets but doesn t make much sense
Unless you are thinking evaporation under pressure to keep them terps
Wich if my understanding of thermo dynamics is correct doesn t work

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I’ve been thinking about doing exactly this… but the 2 5L Rotos I’m working with, can’t handle the volume of ethanol we use.

I’m working on doing cryo extraction in a closed loop with nitrogen assist and doing a carbon/ celite scrub on the way out. This will go into a 5 gallon car boy, and since the etho is cold cold, I plan to add a heat exchanger in-line from the car boy to the roto.

Been really trying to work any kinks out in production at the new lab


Thats basically what I do but I have a 20L rotovap and use vacuum instead of nitrogen assist


Would you mind explaining what all I’m looking at here? I’m familiar with a cls, you’ve just got a lot more going on there.

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2 material columns, collection vessel to filtration?

And then the giant guy on the floor

Is your vacuum on the system helping to recover majority of the ethanol?

The 12in columns in the back are filled with trim from there it gets sucked from the bottom and goes into the top of stainless in the front which does the winterizing/filtering and goes into the roto and fills up the tank on the floor as the solvent condenses. I have 3 cold traps to make sure no solvent gets to the pump. I do get some solvent in the 3rd cold trap. The whole setup is regulated with a vacuum controller. I have a uvionaire ozone generator hooked up to an exhaust fan to kill the smell because business were complaining about the smell.

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I love this set up.

Yes, 2 material columns to filtration then to the roto. The tank on the floor is for the recovering solvent. It just makes it so I don’t have to constantly empty the recovered solvent from the rotovap.

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Are you just pulling vac through the gas tank on the floor?

Initially through the front right column on the rack then throughthe rotovap. You can kinda see it if you zoom in on the picture.

Now I see it. Been taking me a second to understand how to use that extra valve on the drain flask of the roto… that’s huge.

So you just monitor input flow. Nothing else

Once all the solvent is in it and I’m ready to start recovering I just set the vacuum controller and it’s pretty much hands off after that! I want to get a couple -100°c immersion chillers for the cold traps so I don’t have to keep adding dry ice.


Last 2 questions,

Are you able to recover most of your solvent with the vac assist or are you going to a centrifuge next?

No cetrifuge, I do loose some solvent.


The next upgrades will be a 50L rotovap and immersion chillers.

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More questions…

Once all the solvent is in the roto? Surely you can’t fit an entire extraction in there all at once?

How much etho to bio mass are you running there. My math says roughly 50lbs to each material column

It definitely doesn’t all fit in the roto. Good math 55gallons for each column.