Ethanol Extraction using bho closed loop

I’d like to eventually convert my extractor to run ethanol instead of butane.

I could use nitrogen to push cryo ethanol through my material columns. Then I can use nitrogen to attempt to dry my columns. Then, I can vac my columns to dry even further with my diaphragm pump. Lastly, I can inject steam from bottom of columns to completely dry the columns of ethanol.

Any thoughts?
Edit: Are there any specific types of gaskets needed?

(Sorry if this has been posted somewhere I didn’t find anything)


It could work, make sure all your seals are compatable. Upgrade your recovery side with the 1" or better tube, ditch the fiterdryer instead use this.
Place it in the solvent tank fill it with mol seives . I wouldent inject any steam, better to pass it through then column jacket to bake it dry.
you may want to add a condenser as well .


I don’t have any column jackets @%$%#&# grrrr lol

To elaborate on the steam comment it was just an idea of how I could dry the column, but without salvaging the last bit of solvent

I’ve used a Precision PX1 for cryo-ethanol. Zero mods. (Ptfe/viton envelope gaskets all round)

Used a TRS 21 to get my solvent back. With a 50’ SS coil in a freezer on the output side.

I may have bumped the collection pot temp to 100f from my usual 80f.

Running ethanol through the TRS 21 wasn’t ideal. I tossed the recovered solvent because I didn’t like the way it smelled.

Edit: putting the condenser before the pump and setting it up as a trap would have been a better idea.


How dry did your columns end up?

no recollection. Wasn’t important to that particular one off.

At a guess, quite wet. I used N2 to push the solvent through.

Wait… What the actual fuck??? How does ethanol get pushed into a column with nitrogen? Diagrams?

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How do you recover it if it’s at 100°F? And all that being recovered into a standard recovery tank? I’m interested

just like any other pressurized tank with a liquid.


Same way you do in a rotovap at 80f, by pulling a vacuum.

Recovery tank? Yeah, I probably plumbed it back to my recovery tank, the object of the game was to make the boss think I was using butane. We were not licensed to. So I didn’t :wink:

Could have dropped it straight into an ever clear bottle. But that’s cause I had the condenser in the wrong spot


Building some out plywood quiet easy to get by, the set perfectly on the clamps… But that’s only for solids :pensive:

This has me so interested!!!
Please keep us posted

Are u talking bout plywood gasketz?

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No I thought u said something about jacketed columns lol…I realized after it’s probably for liquid…a wooden jacket wouldn’t help then if so


Have you made any headway on this?

Not yet. Would be practical if your columns are jacketed and if it’s small scale.

go check out BizzyBee’s ethanol gear. It’s essentially identical to his hydrocarbon gear. he’s even back-ported his falling film to his hydrocarbon rigs.

Edit: much harder now his instagram is gone…


Yep! Same hardware just no molecular sieve or collection vessel usually. His page went down but our website should be up in the next couple weeks… :smile:


Keenovo heating mats can get to 100C. Would definitely help you.

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Have u tried it?

I dont think you will be able to recover your solvent the way u want to. I wouldnt waste time with leaving the material In the column and trying to recover the alcohol that way. A Centrifuge will be your buddy. You will be leaving alot of cannabinoids on the leaf matter if u recovered ur solvent from soaking leaves, or u would be wasting a bunch of alcohol rinsing your material if u still wanted to go that route without leaving much behind.
It takes me 5 minutes to unload the column and pack it again with a sock and a 30 minute soak time. It takes me 10 minutes with 2 pandas to get 95-97% of my solvent back from the 6lb trim column. I think youd be spending much more time then 10 minutes trying to pull vac and heating ur column.
If ur trying to keep it cold as u can, it makes no sense to pull vac on ur column and heat it, to get the last bit of alcohol out.
FYI I use 100 micron filter socks and 1" piping. 1/2" could clog if a Nug fell out of the sock, havent had any issues with my 1" drain port.