Equipment Sourcing: You need it, I can find it

13 Years in the Laboratory Equipment world has filled my contact list with manufacturers and distributors of all sorts of things.

I am interested in bringing you more of the Equipment you need, especially when you aren’t exactly sure what you need. It is easy to try and reinvent the wheel in the Cannabis industry when it turns out there are lots of wheels available if you knew where to look.

Bring me all your whacky requests for rare earth stir bars, hermetically sealed vacuum feedthroughs, freight handlers, centrifuges, walk-in freezers, dessicating chambers, tissue culture supplies, consumables, funky gauges and hardware.

Let’s see what other manufacturers we can invite to the dance.

Current Portfolio:


I need a Flammable liquids freezer with a short lead time.

How about quick replacement seals for a BPG 140 Series Chromatography column? They should be FEP and are probably EPDM currently.

Also, I am interested in getting some training in preparative liquid chromatography, as well as help setting up the BPG column (pump, fittings, etc). Do you have any relationship with GE Life Sciences, by chance?

Any recommendations for a chemist/consultant? We won’t be able to train at our facility for a few months, but are interested in being trained prior.

I second what dstroy138 said.


I am on it

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-20C is acceptable?

I am reaching out. Stand by


My general rule of thumb: The colder the better…buuuuuuut, keeping affordability in mind, -20°C would be great. That would take a hell of a load off of my chiller…

I am looking for colder than -20C if possible. But if necessary I could settle.

i was told nothing exists colder than -20 …if u can find it i need 4 of them

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what about in situ monitoring? like ultrasonic flow meters, fiber optic spectroscopy or high pressure view cells?

OK, let me see where that leads me. I am quickly being stretched well beyond my area of expertise! I feel like a Caterer at a Brainiac Convention.

No offense to caterers.


Can you provide more specifications. Omega is a great source. What about this:

lol yea i need “_____” gogogo

i can def see feeling lik that

Thank you for the info and the help

Am I on the right track with Omega or no. I will need some education about ultrasonic flow meters. I understand the concept but specifications are Greek to me in terms of this application.

I am working on this through Thermo. They are notoriously back ordered on everything.

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yea that info was great thank you, my applications would probably be non-standard so i can follow up with the company directly

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They are very easy to work with. Please keep me posted. If you find just the right thing, I’d love to know.

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@dstroy138 @skywalker000420


15 day lead time

I’ll order with a non-refundable, 25% down payment.


Been looking for a used / refurbished Kugelrorh oven for a few years, cant afford the new tag any help is appreciated!