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Hello all and a mighty thank you for all the information shared. I’m in the process of getting a type 7 license in So Cal. We’re planning on doing BHO extractions and have already begun sourcing such equipment. We anticipate doing distillate in the future and even potentially from the get but I have zero experience with these products. Would we need to purchase a rotovap and SPD set up from the beginning to create carts distillate etc, or could we get away with just the SPD until future date?


to go from BHO to SPD you will probably need that rotovap.

most SOP’s call for winterizing your crude & removing the solvent before going to distillation.

If you can provide the desired scale of your operation, you are more likely to get helpful responses.

I would tend to get the rotovap before the SPD if you are budget limited. You can sell winterized BHO without an SPD, but can’t get to distillate without winterizing.


100% agree

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Your response set my question better up then I did- in person convos I’m golden, online I get a lil nervous…

We have already purchased a Precision PX1 (5lb capacity) with the GC5000 pump. With your response, it’s clear since we already have the extractor to First purchase the rotovap and SPD when money allows.

This licensing process has come with $22,000 in environmental studies we didn’t anticipate along with a slew of other unwanted/expected expenses, so money is getting tighter and initial equipment purchases might be delayed. Any info on experience with the PX1, or info on rotovap that are less than Heidolph but worth the savings would be appreciated!

I named my PX1 “Princess”, because one always had to get on their knees to address her :slight_smile:

I got an early version, and had to make a number of mods to get where I wanted to be. many of those same mods have been included in later models. Will have to upgrade further when my C1D1 space is finally approved. Planning on rolling my own.

I’ve been getting by with a 5l rotovap I purchased used off craigslist.
Looks pretty much like the units Best Value Vacs are selling. Current plans look to require a 20L or two. I’ll push for brand name, but don’t know I’ll get them.


Are you building your C1D1 out? We’ve opted with one of the pre-fab units. Have heard a lot of different opinions on them but haven’t ever talked to someone whose actually used one. Still waiting on the company Rep to provide a referral…

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Investors decided that a pre-built solution would ease permitting.

It’s been on-site for 18months and is still not permitted. OLCC is happy with it, but the conversation with the city needed to happen before the unit was dragged into the building, not after we had OLCC check it out.

I would have preferred a system I designed with the help of an industrial hygienist or engineer. At least they would have pointed out the correct order to do things in.

I proposed a $25k 8x20 container build that would have covered our Ethanol and hydrocarbon extraction. It would have needed about $10k in engineer approval, probably $5k in air-conditioning and maybe and other 5k in shade if it was left outside as I spec’ed. Dragging it inside might have required a redesign.

instead someone paid $120k for a 12x20 container mod, that will have required at least another $20k to get it settled in and serviced. It’s not a bad box, but it hasn’t proven particularly useful yet. :frowning:

However, the damn fire suppression system in there was mis-installed with Alu tubing connected to Stainless. If it handn’t been winter when it made the trip from CO, it would not have taken 4 weeks, and the tubing would not have had time to corrode through and dump the fire suppressant onto the floor before it landed. Had we had our ducks in a row, I may have been extracting in there when the tubing failed. Not catastrophic, but probably not much fun. They sent an entirely different system to replace it.

Edit: There is a lesson here about the learning curve for folks coming from an entirely different world, where pulling building permits for that grow conversion would mean jail time. Hiring the right project manager is important.


Hmmmm. Mind if I ask who the unit was through? I’ve looked into 10x15 units fully equipped for around $40,000. We aren’t to our tenant improvements yet, at such time I’ll make sure to communicate with the fire department about their preference. Appreciate the reminder!

With everything going on trying to obtain the needed licenses, the convenience of the pre-fab kit wins.

I have a guy at FlexMOD. I have heard only good things so far from actual-live customers:

Will Goodin
800.869.9798 ext 809

The concept is sound. And there is nothing wrong with their build quality. They do custom work on them to make sure your op fits in their box.

They also fired the guy who installed my fire suppression system before my Flexmod got to me…

I’m just disappointed I couldn’t get them to actually install the new suppression system. For a while they were going to pay for a local installer to fix what I had, but they couldn’t find anyone local trained on the system, and the local guys we’ve been using for the rest of our fire suppression assured us that if we self installed, the fire marshal would barf…as did one of the primary partners, who did fire suppression installs in his former life.

I don’t know that anyone’s gonna notice. Will burn that bridge if/when the permitting troll insists.

Our OLCC inspector said it was the first one they’d seen…“Most folks haven’t been going to nearly this much trouble…”, or something to that effect.

They do need to be nailed to the floor to meet seismic regs in OR. Probably CA too.


I’ve been in touch with flexmod! Seems like they have a great product. I was able to find a comparable unit through HAL for significantly less so we’ve included their specs into our drawings, and are leaning that direction. Hopefully the fire marshal will let us go that route!! :pray::crossed_fingers:

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Hi everyone. I’m currently looking into the extraction market and want to extract with C02. Any advice as far as the best extraction equipment out there? If anyone is currently running equipment what brand and any feedback on the process/efficiency would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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What ovens do you guys use? Any recommendation on ovens and accompanying pump?

I started with an early 0.9cuft oven from Best Value Vacs, I don’t believe they were selling AI at the time. It did the job, but it leaked, and there was obvious temp variation between shelves. sucked on it continuously with a cheap pump from harbour freight. Used a -70C refrigerated cold trap off ebay that cost almost as much as the oven to keep the vac oil out of the oven & keep the solvent out of the pump.

Switched to the CAT Scientific TVO-2 paired with an Agilent pump. wasn’t cheap. definitely a step up as far as throughput.

You get yourself a savant rct?

yep. paid $1000 for the working one. picked up another for $50 at the local recycling/reuse store. It needs a compressor, and a charge of ethylene. Our former AC guy said he could fix it, but I was dubious. After seeing some of the stupid shit he did around here (note “former” AC guy), I’m glad I didn’t throw $300 at a compressor.

If I get around to doing my refrigeration technician cert, I put it on the list in front of my two dead -80s :slight_smile:

Yeah, we have 7-8 of those rascals the rt 40 version. I have a local glassblower make the glass trap’s.

can you share that blower’s info? Would like to find someone local to “edit” some equipment

Where are you located?