END of YEAR SALE on my CBG and CBD >99% Isolates

Alright guys here’s the deal. Limited time. I can’t promise anyone at the company will admit these offers so you’ll have to talk to me.
I have everything absolutely bottomed out in price until the end of the year.

Here is the reason why, as I am sure some folks won’t like this, or that I am ruining the market. I just want folks to buy CBG and get it out there at decent (high enough) dosages, because I think the consumer will appreciate more noticeable a non-inebriating cannabinoid product, we’ll all sell more once the consumer starts screaming for it. But they need to try it before that happens.
Honestly, I don’t notice the effects of CBD, but i also think CBD products need to dosed higher, and so I have our CBD marked down as well.
I don’t know that the company will let me keep prices this low, but for now as long as some money is coming in they haven’t said anything. Smokable flower definitely has an attention-focusing effect, at least among executives involved in selling it.

We don’t really advertise, so this is it!

I believe we all think it saves a lot of time and bullshit emails to just lay all the prices and COAs right here

Kilo and above please, and at these prices I would rather not be sending samples out.
(But, I will tell you how to do that if you email me mmartini77@yahoo.com)

$8000/Kg CBG >99%
$1800/Kg CBD >99%

CBG101419.Isolate.FULL.PANEL.pdf (346.1 KB)

CBD.99.isolate.CoA.PDF (402.0 KB)

You can see my IG: @mj_martini to see more pictures, but honestly I have been exclusively focused on CBG since the fall, and so I have started visiting and helping with training the contract labs staff (being available to tell them “yup thats normal”, and some reassurance is 90% of what it takes, it’s not any harder or complicated than CBD really) to do a lot of it for me this year so that I can move faster and run larger scale with different set ups. I’m getting way more data this way and moving a hundred times faster with no investment into equipment to ask the company for (nice to take a break, thats all i did last year it seems like). Anyway, we have a new facility going up so it’s a temporary luxury and handicap, i guess.



Super deals :muscle:t3:


I like your style. I too think folks should be able to try cbg to decide on there own hype/or not.

How many kilos of cbd isolate are available?

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Many, more all the time. Let me know what you need? and I’ll let you know if we have it in stock.

Has your price fallen or are you still at those rates? I’ve seen a couple offers for CBG Isolate at 3000-3500/kg. What’s your current price?

We can do $3300/kg on singles.

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