Cbg going rate

What is the going rate for cbg


20k kilo isolate

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up to $35k per kg

Check with Dustin - cornering the market @ 20k Kilo. The future is now…?

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Much appreciated - can you ship this to Canada ?

I have my CBG isolate (>99%) lowered to $10,000/Kg at least until the end of the year. I am hoping this motivates folks to give it a try, or better yet actually make some products with it, so that the public has a chance to try it.

CBG101419.Isolate.FULL.PANEL.pdf (346.1 KB)


Are yall having trouble moving the cbg? @mj_martini


We’ve sold some, but the suits are obsessed with this “smokable hemp” (gross) project, and so while the cats are away, I’m trying to get the whole neighborhood to come play!

I want more CBG in products on the shelves, at mg levels that are actually effective.

Like I said, the owners are focused on other things at the moment and as long as they see some money coming in, they’ll let me run a bit, so this is my chance to get it out en mass.

Greed is a hell of a drug. A

The formulators are worried that they need to “educate” the customer about CBG, BEFORE folks are even going to buy it.

I believe if you just put an appropriate dose of CBG in your CBD products, that they will be noticeably more efficacious. I say let the consumer educate themselves about why the CBD product they have been buying suddenly WORKS now.

But this only works if these newer isolates aren’t ridiculously over-priced in the beginning. My company will make enough profit at this price.

Besides, by next year i wouldn’t be surprised if CBG was already below $5K, I don’t really think $12,000-$20,000 for wholesale isolates for the first 6months is good for anyone but the lab, and maybe the farmers (if they got over $100/lb for bio destined for extraction. It just keeps the dose insanely low (10mg of CBD is a joke right?) I want affordable products that work really really well. This “medicine” can’t change the world if its sitting in cold storage.


Would you do a small batch im lookn for 100 gram

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Why of coarse!

email me and lets pick up the conversation from there

IG: @mj_martini


See my post regarding my >99% isolates.
$8000/Kg CBG
$1800/kg CBD

CBD comes with potency and residual solvents CoA
CBG comes with a full panel analytical report.

IG for more pics: