EHO Color Remediation



So @TheLostBiologist posted some pretty clear golden etho shatter on his Instagram today. Only uses bento and ac. Does his extractions at at least -60c he says.


Yup, best way to get light stuff is suuuuuper cold. But also the least (relatively speaking) efficient and cost effective method of extraction.

I think gold might be achievable at freezer temps with a super fast pull.

*Edit actually it’s totally achievable, I’ve done it lol.


How fast is fast? I do 3 and 5 minute soaks and the 5 is almost always darker than the 3. -40 is the max temp for a smokable extract as far as I’m concerned. Even then if you’re not colder than -60c it’s going to be darker. If you want yeild go warm. But if you want quality go cold.

The one Renchi was talking about.

That one was done at -75 for 3 minutes.


Done it freezer temps w trim the old school way!


This is what I started with. (Not the waxes, the black tincture in the back).

This is what’s dripping out of my column right now.

Almost concerned all my cannabinoids are stuck in the column, but it’s just celite, T5, silica, magnesol, activated alumina, and another celite layer on top.


@cyclopath Is this rerunning the eho through a cls with butane?


Heptane and positive pressure.


Starting to darken, but I was kind of expecting that running a whole kilo of warm etoh hemp crude through a 2x18” column. Still though, from midnight black to this is impressive as hell in my book. I’m wondering how it would look running a cleaner extraction through a 4” column.


What if you reran it through either the same filter bed or a new filter bed? I believe it’d continue to clear considerably.


Looks good, maybe more powders next time or you may have had some channeling


I’m thinking of doing just that. Running it through a freshly packed column. Checking the feel of it, I don’t believe any cannabinoids were actually getting pulled through with the first few mililitros that were clear.


My tane crc is clear and full spec


I’m wondering if it might also be the butane having different solvent qualities than heptane? I’d love to find someone local with a CLS to experiment with.


I dont have the set upfor etho or any of the stuff you guys are doing or i would be all over this. Im now where near as knowledgeable as most of you guys. With the polarity and stuff


It’s starting to darken up a ton, but still way better than going in as I can at least see through it while in solution. I think it was just a matter of the powders getting overwhelmed. This stuff is bound for distillation, but my curiosity is getting the best of me. Definitely going to repack the column and re-run. I was a bit stingy with the T5, probably going to double up on it next run.


So you pick a column and push thru w compressed air?


Probably just the media pulling the bad stuff out I bet if you kept changing it it will do the job


Yep! I have some dryers installed inline as well. I’m excited to see how the powders look afterward to see what I need to increase. I’m pushing at about 50psi.


I’m think I’m moving to that instead of the funnel


My gold runs we’re -16c and about a minute on popcorn bud.

You can get a gold wash from a super fast qwet style on trim, or better yet centrifuge style :stuck_out_tongue: