EHO Color Remediation



Yeah, that’s the room temp indeed.


How does your wax content compare from room temp to cryo? Are you winterizing along the way?


I was watching you write that question, lolololol. It’s so funny that technology has allowed us to see what we are up to at the same time as we do it. I did notice that there was definitely more waxes carried over in room temp. I didn’t manage to winterize them well enough, so some of it went into the rf of the first liter, tbh. That’s the main thing i noticed the difference between room temp and cryo, more fats in the tincture (along with more water soluble things), i believe. But better winterization processes would have cleaned that up. And using my filter medias correctly will remedy this as well.


Yeah I’m kind of addicted to the forum lol. Everytime I see a new notification it’s a little shot of dopamine.

I’m kind of intruiged with what might be possible with the supersaturated etoh solution this way. What kind of extracts it might be suitable for.

What’s your thought for rinsing your biomass, or if there’s any issue with residual cannabanoids the more washes that go on?


So I’ve started using a separate vessel next to the main extraction vessel to do a last soak in after the first panda wash. My op goes:
Dunk bags in etho for 10 minutes.
Drain and put in panda for 5 min.
Take out and soak in second vessel 2 min.
Spin 5 minutes in panda.
It helps with several pandas to keep it going. The damn spout is so fragile it breaks on the slightest contact, but a forum member is working on a solid fix for that, I’m told.

I managed to rewash 45lbs at least though 5 gal. I definitely feel i got something out of it. But I’m actually, once i get material, going to separately roto the rewash to figure out how much it yields.

Edit:(cause I’m high)
Until i can do a full 50lbs/5 gal extraction with the rewash, I won’t wholly know how much really is saturation. I’m relying on ecodyst to have the correct information, I will try and confirm the data.

I also would like to do a true side by side cryo and room temp on this, tbh.

Reedit: well damnit. It looks like things are really good for you. Why in the name of the fuck are we trying to get them out again? Am i reading this wrong? This sounds like they should be beneficial?

"During the last years, an increasing interest to anthocyanins, as natural colorants in food industry and anti-oxidants in medicine is observed. These compounds have positive effects on different diseases, including cardiovascular, ophthalmic, inflammatory, and neurological ones, as well as cancer and diabetes "


So I took last night as a small experiment some very dark oil from old material, about 30 g of it. I threw it in some heptane and I should mention I had earlier prepared a Buchner with T5 on the bottom then layer of food grade carbon then silica 60 and another T5 later. I’m sorry to say that there was only limited color improvement, not brown black now but it’s all brown and dark still. Not really with showing… I’m amazed at others colors here. I do however note that the lost biologist uses 200 proof as does the Instagram account posted above. I use 190 and I am stuck in the Reds and oranges usually. This material is not intended for distillation. I’m considering trying Magnesol next & technical rather than food grade carbon


Also does anyone else get brown terpenes out? They’re dark so I worry about them contaminating color. Whenever I re distill my alcohol for reuse I end up with a bunch.


You say you made a t5 filter bed but put carbon on top?

What kind of carbon are tou using granules or powder?

Would have been more effective if you mixed the carbon with the heptane solution and mixed the shit out of it. The t5 filter bed would have caught any carbon particles and it would allow the carbon some longer residence time. You may as well also add some t5 to that solution just for good measure and then just pour that over your t5 filter bed.


I stopped using heptane because it turned things red/ orange. Maybe try and take that out of the equation once to see if there is a difference?


I think someone said acivated alumina catches reds


My carbon is simple active charcoal from coconuts, a food supplement brand. Here is the yellow ethanol solution from above dried down, this one did not get heptane. Note two shades of color, the lighter one went through a carbon and t5 filtration. both color suck! I usually skip heptane just want to see if I could improve some real ugly stuff @Renchi


Here is some almost black material that went through the heptane! Please note my filter cake was an attempt at copying the lost biologist directions image|375x500


I saw that acabout activated alumina but it didn’t seem to be a ingredient in the CRC tech. There’s a lot of choices of powders and qualities this could get really expensive real fast


Have you considered the acidity of the carbon you’re using may be causing the extract to darken? Do you neutralize the ph of the carbon before you use it? Or does it come activated but ph neutral?



It is capable of removing color, i believe its also a component of the t-41.
The label is a little non specific but it gets the point across where it says “specifc end uses:”


I do but I’m not putting any heat in the system. I I try to be sparing with it and I have gotten some decent lighter orange extract’s while using it. If I decarb I get super dark red though. It does a great job on greens if I get any of those


Regarding the activated alumina, it’s interesting to note renchis results above with only Magnesol T5 and carbon. I thought that he’s getting really close to everything including all carotenoids so I was considering picking up some Magnesol and neutral carbon for that reason. But I noticed the AA seems cheap so I could add that to


When you guys say bentonite, that’s bentonite clay? Longer soaks if that in cold ethanol wash is best?

I’m on the same path as you renchi, to figure out how many soaks are possible in room temperature ethanol but still making nice cartridges like you ended up with, nice job.


Thanks, brother. Yeah, it’s the never ending quest. Lol. Tbh, i feel like the room temp saturation soak is the way to go. But until i can do side by side comparison, I’m still guessing. Hopefully it aligns itself up


Use hardwood based charcoal! Coal & coconut & bamboo aren’t very effective for color pulling (ran experiments with all 4 types). Charcoal is pretty much only good for greens tho!